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Cove Alpa's Weekly Pod Rotation (May 18th-22nd, 2020)

Happy Memorial Day! I know it is great outside but be safe if you are going to be traveling about. We have another round of our picks of the week. Let's see if your favs made it this round. Tap in!


Rap & Order is a solid podcast from First Klass Breakfast based around revisiting albums to see if they were a classic or not. That central purpose has led them to creating 100+ episodes on this platform. For their 100th episode, they spent time speaking on "good kid, m.A.A.d city" which is one of my favorite albums from Kendrick Lamar. I think the magic in going back to past albums, you get to take your experiences you have learned in life to apply them back to the music. This team has a wide array of people who take in music differently which creates solid conversations on this album (as well as many more before it). I have learned that this album was a strong start for Kendrick in his career but some of his later albums age much better. If you want to listen to takes on albums in the hip hop realm, be sure to add Rap & Order to your rotation. To keep up, follow First Klass Breakfast on Twitter and Instagram.


RSPN puts out the last episode of their special series built around The Last Dance documentary. The duo comment on the things they enjoyed about the documentary and things that could have been improved upon. They breakdown the infamous Flu game, Steve Kerr's heroics in the series, and a season MVP nowadays everyone hates (it wasn't MJ). I suggest you to take part in the last episode of this series from RSPN because we do not know when basketball will be back. This is the last hurray and RSPN did a solid performance. To keep up with RSPN, follow Marc on Twitter and Instagram as well as Jeff on Twitter and Instagram.


Rich Vibes and Overdrafts is a solid podcast built around two comics; Jenae Boston and Glorelys Mora. Their honest conversations navigating the comedy landscape while adulting in NYC is relatable to someone like me who does the same. This episode they discuss how Nelly is too rich to have crappy WiFi and as well as Insecure amongst Black twitter. These topics lead the ladies to confronting their own insecurities and how they work to fix them. Our hosts discuss the wins and losses in dating and you definitely root for them every single episode. Be sure to give these ladies a listen. Funny banter and allows you to know how other people are dealing with the pandemic. Follow Rich Vibes and Overdrafts on Twitter and Instagram. You can also keep up with Jenae on Twitter and Instagram as well as Glory on Instagram.


Jrdn is back with another episode of Dating in NYC: The Podcast. This episode, Jrdn has several women discussing how they are adjusting to dating during Covid-19 and how it has affected their love languages. I think it is great to hear how black women are adjusting in these times and making sure they are taking care of their mental/physical/emotional health. We have to be easy with ourselves during these times but also need to remember you still deserver love. Great episode from Jrdn and be sure to listen to it when you can! To keep up with Dating in NYC: The Podcast, follow JRDN on Twitter and the Podcast page on Instagram.


Bonnets & Durags is back for season 4! This is the first episode to have Simone as the sole voice. I have to say this was a raw and honest monologue with her discussing her journey in her career/romantic/spiritual. We can say this is a great reintroduction to Simone the person and how she is growing in real time with her platform. I am always excited to see Simone win across the board and looking forward to more episodes from the Bonnets & Durags! To stay in tuned with the podcast, follow on Twitter and Instagram. To keep up with Simone, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


We were a little late for this one but we knew you needed more podcasts to add to your rotation. Be sure to check out the first three articles from Weekly Pod Rotation series (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) to catch up on the previous batch of podcasts we mentioned from prior weeks. See you next Monday!

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