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Cove Alpa's Weekly Pod Rotation

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

In a world of endless content, how does one know which podcasts to subscribe too. The folks here are Cove Alpa will do the heavy lifting for you in this area. Every week, we will note the podcast episodes you should give a listen to improve your podcast rotation. We are all about making you have a better day listening to the best out there. Let's jump right into this week's batch of podcasts.


I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and Eric Rosenthal when it comes to their work over the years. Right now, their podcast A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal is on hiatus and has been replaced by Quarantine Radio. A Waste of Time was a weekly podcast with a deep dive into one guest every week. Quarantine Radio is like A Waste of Time on Hulk juice. You get three guests per day Monday through Saturday. That is a total of eighteen guests per week. This undertaking is strenuous on the body and mind. Scheduling one guest is exhausting but eighteen is a big deal. They have access to way more creatives now that people are stuck at home. This is a great podcast to know how folks in various industries are coping with this pandemic at hand. You can keep up with ItsTheReal on Twitter and Instagram


I AM REEKKKKK! Tarik has been one of my favorite podcast host over the past year. This week, he dropped several episodes discussing consent and how we have to maneuver around women to make them feel safe. Episode 35.2 featuring Mandii B was such a great listen. Please listen to Tarik and subscribe to The Good Brother Experience. He is a major talent and needs your support to get 1000+ reviews so he can give the people what they want. Follow Reek on Twitter and Instagram for more content.


The female perspective when it comes to dating holds a ton of gems 💎. Jrdn has been one of my favorite podcast hosts when it comes to discussing dating for black millennials. She has over 60 podcast episodes for you to binge that cover every topic you can think of. Yes, that one too. You won't be disappointed by adding this podcast to your rotation. Also, shout out to Dev for being the 5 time returning guest on this platform. The episode for this week discussed dating during the Rona. It is a great listen and should make you want to keep it going with this podcast. To keep up with Dating in NYC: The Podcast, follow JRDN on Twitter and the Podcast page on Instagram.


If you haven't realized, basketball is my go-to sport to keep tabs on. When I found out Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles were starting a podcast together, I was overjoyed. Knuckleheads Podcast is based on around two former NBA players speaking with current and former NBA & WNBA players. Fun fact, Quentin was one of my favorite players back when he used to play for the Suns. The episode this week featured Shawn Marion, who was another Suns legend with numerous highlights. If you miss seeing NBA games, listening to some former players revisit their playing days is a close second. To stay connected with the Knuckleheads on Instagram. You can follow Q-Rich on Twitter and Instagram as well as D-Miles on Twitter and Instagram


What's A Good Guy? is a podcast based around two men detailing their journey through manhood and everything that comes with it in America. Don and LaShawn have been doing this podcast for 3 years. There has been tremendous growth on their part being open and vulnerable through this medium. This week's episode was so important. They took the time to self reflect on where they came from in life and detailing where they want to go. This platform has a ton of content for you to binge and catch up during the pandemic. I would stress listening to episode 165 to hear their thoughts. To keep up with What's A Good Guy, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Don on Twitter and Instagram along with LaShawn on Twitter and Instagram.


RSPN is a sports podcast based around basketball who are part of the RNC Radio Network. Due to the NBA season being on hiatus for the Covid-19 pandemic, these guys are doing a limited edition 5 part series discussing The Last Dance. Jeff and Marc have been consistent with the content bring statistics and relatable analogies to keep the listeners connected. While we will only have three more episodes left of this series, please tap in to enjoy their previous work. I won't steer you wrong. To keep up with RSPN, follow Marc on Twitter and Instagram as well as Jeff on Twitter and Instagram.


Well ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of this week's Pod Rotation. Come back next Saturday to see notable episodes for the week and fire podcasts to add to your library.

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