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Several years ago, I used to hang around a group of creatives every day doing crazy things in New York City. During that time,  I always had this dream of wanting to share content about these types of people within NYC and other places across the country. Hell, even internationally if I could. What sparked the vision for Cove Alpa was a personal promise I started in late 2014. I wanted to support people and their talents in whatever fashion I could. Whether it would be attending shows/events or purchasing clothes, I wanted to share my good energy with them as they also share it with the world.  This leads us to Cove Alpa.

But why the name Cove Alpa?

A cove is a hidden bay or creek. To get there, you would have to access a hidden entrance or sometimes swim out to the area. Alpa is a play on the word Alpha which denotes an individual who is a leader. This can also explain our slogan which is to “Support the Hidden Elite”. Before they reach the heights, they had a journey from the bottom to get to their destination. I wanted to share their stories in addition to allowing writers to discuss a range of topics (Culture, sports, etc). The main goal is to showcase the talent of a wide range of people in various points of life.

I bring you Cove Alpa and I hope you enjoy your stay.

– Howard Nedrick, Jr

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