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Cove Alpa's Weekly Pod Rotation (May 4th-8th, 2020)

We are back! This week, we have a ton of new podcasts to highlight for you. We know why you are here so we won't drag this on longer than it has to be. Let's get into the week of May 4th when it comes to our podcast selections!


Black Girl Podcast is the GOAT when it comes to a safe space amongst black women in the podcast world. These women have grown so much individually and together, it is similar to your favorite cousins getting them wins at the family reunion. We haven't heard from them since the beginning of the pandemic so this episode was a solid catch up. BGP had us hear how they are navigating relationships and staying on top of their respective projects during all the madness outside in the world. I think this episode was great for their discussion on Covid-19's affect on the mental/emotional and taking a beat to be good with yourself. They also discussed how men move in the industry and why we need it to change to protect the women. If for some reason you were not listening to these ladies, please fix that pronto. To keep up on Black Girl Podcast on Twitter and Instagram. To follow the five hosts, see below:

Alysha P - Twitter and Instagram

Bexx Francois - Twitter and Instagram

Gia Peppers - Twitter and Instagram

Sapphira Em - Twitter and Instagram

Scottie Beam - Twitter and Instagram


Tony is someone I went to college with and I never knew this man was ducking relationships for this long. The title "10 Years and Counting" is a play on how long he has been single before he started this podcast. I enjoy his transparency on his journey to emotional growth and learning on how to date in our adult years. He brings on guests that bring perspective to the topic at hand. Tony has come so far and the sky is the limit for this platform. I would love for him to collaborate with Jrdn from Dating in NYC Podcast (discussed this one last week's article). If you want to hear from a man who wants to share gems on dating and journey to self care, 10 years and Counting is the podcast for you. Keep up with Tony on Twitter and 10 Years and Counting on all podcast platforms.


Orlando and Tahoe are a great duo in this podcast titled "Hard or Soft". We don't have too many podcast with open discussions on sex within the black podcast space. These two are truly something else. Orlando is our token wild boy and Tahoe is the slightly older sage who loves talking about his crazy antics. They are growing in their own respective journeys when ti comes to sexuality and masculinity while talking feedback from their audience. Their recent episode has them speaking with someone with a smaller third leg. It was a great conversation to hear and see how size affects how someone engages with others. Our guys created a safe space for the conversation and they were not finished at. They had an honest discussion on creating safe spaces for women. This is happening with the news on social media around black men using their positions of clout to coerce women to do things they didn't want to. A great episode and I am so proud of these two men. To keep up with Hard or Soft, follow the platform on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you follow Orlando on Twitter and Instagram as well as Tahoe on Twitter and Instagram.


Kevin, Yari, and Greg (whenever he decides to show up) have this podcast titled "The Wolf and The Unicorn" having discussions amongst themselves on life. They eventually transitioned into interviewing people who catch their attention. This week they spoke with Eric Adams who is the Borough President of Brooklyn with ambitions to run for Mayor. It was an in depth conversation that shows how serious Eric takes this pandemic and how he wants to take this city to a better space as a potential mayoral candidate. Solid episode from these folks and I expect more to come. To keep up with this podcast, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned with Kevin, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Be in the know with Yari, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


Imaginary Players is group of 4 dudes that are pure jokes. Every Friday, this ensemble cover a variety of topics in music, sports, pop culture, and Draya. Heavy Draya awards. My goodness these dudes love her tremendously. Nevertheless, the last two episodes have shown their willingness to cover the hard topics in world. I am proud of their growth and continue to hate their takes in music. Nothing Was The Same is the best album fellas. Keep up with the Imaginary Players on Twitter and Instagram. To follow the four hosts, see below:

John - Twitter and Instagram

Jordan - Twitter and Instagram

Walter - Twitter and Instagram


Armon is a wordsmith who covers a wide palette of topics on his website. On his podcast, he has engaging conversations on new music that came out the previous week alongside his co-host Nic Earley. The recent episode discussed Drake and you should know by now whenever Drake comes up...I am all ears. Aside from the Drake banter, Armon and Nic flex their knowledge on music composition which is so needed in current times. They take it seriously when they give feedback on the songs they picked which end up on their playlist. For my music lovers, please add this podcast to your rotation. Keep up with Stay Busy with Armon Sadler on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Armon on Twitter and Instagram and Nic on Twitter and Instagram.


Dominique is back with season 2 of Security In Color and came with a big surprise. She is now on Tuesdays AND Thursdays every week until the end of the season. Tuesday will be the regular scheduled content and Thursdays will be The Cloud In Color segment solely focus on Cloud information. This podcast is amazing in regards to how much Security and Cloud updates you can receive in under 40 minutes. I love short form episodes and look forward to what Dominique will this season. There are quite a few episodes so a short binge should bring you up to the present rather quickly. I think it is time to learn more about the tech space and bring more color in that industry. Corny puns aside, please support Dominique with your podcast and blog. To keep up with Security In Color, follow on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow Dominique on Twitter and Instagram.


Also check out the first article from Weekly Pod Rotation series to catch up on the previous batch of podcasts we mentioned from last week. See you next week!

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