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Cove Alpa's Gadgets of the Week Vol. 2

It has been a month since our last Gadgets of the Week. I will give a breakdown of the purpose the gadget serves and why you should cop it. Please enjoy volume 2 of Cove Alpa's Gadgets of the Week.


In Vol. 1 of Gadgets of the Week, I had mentioned Tile and all of its glory. The Keysmart mixes the Tile's searching capabilities and organizes your keys to make it easier to fit in your pocket. It can handle a max of 10 keys, which is a good amount for those who have that jingle jingle on their keychains. Some other things I enjoy about the Keysmart is the built in flashlight and bottle opener. You can purchase accessories to fit whatever you need it to in your life. This is a versatile gadget that will be a lifesaver for you. It is a like expensive at the price point of $59.99 but trust me, it is worth every single penny. If for whatever reason you don't want the Pro version, there are cheaper models without the Tile function (Keysmart, Keysmart Rugged, Keysmart Leather).


During Covid, products have been circulating to avoid people from putting their hands on doorknobs and touchscreens. Peel has made their own with brass to be your touch tool of choice. I came across Peel years ago due to needing a case for my iPhone that was sleek and easy to apply. When I saw this pop up, I was intrigued and pre-ordered a few of them. Once I got it in the mail, it was to easy to use and you quickly get acclimated to using it on a day to day basis. The price point is $35 which compared to other touch tools is in the typical range. I advocate for you to get a touch tool (it doesn't even have to be this one) to have a gadget to limit your contact with outside surfaces.


Another product that has been popping up are UV-C boxes/buckets to sanitize personal items. Sannify was the only company with a bucket big enough for me to place all my items to clean in one go. This product SanniBox Max has different modes (5 min, 10 min, 24 hour) for the different class of items. The short duration would be for electronics like phones and your wallet. Medium would be for table wear and toys that need more time to soak in the UV-C rays. The long duration is for masks and metal cutleries. Every single time I come home, I place my personal belongings in the bucket to be cleaned. This is the highest end product of the Sannify at $239. If that price is too steep for you, Sannify has SanniBox ($79) and SanniBox Pro ($129). Stay safe and add one of these items to make life easier for you & the family.


Working from home for so long with the constant Zoom interviews means you will need some assistance with the lighting. I saw an ad for the Lume Cube on Instagram and knew I needed to have it. It is a portable lighting piece that is usually used for cameras and video equipment. You can get an attachment for the Lume Cube that attaches to the top of your laptop to assist with the lighting. This device costs $90 but I see this having an immense value for someone with a camera/video or travels for work often. It is small and easy to carry around. I thoroughly enjoy this product and might be looking at other items in the inventory from the company.


One of the things I needed to do for quite some time is to get my sneaker collection organized. I have a small ensemble of sneakers which will grow in due time. The thing I love about the shoe boxes from The Container Store is how stackable they are. It clears up a ton of space in the room to try to looks for the aesthetics. When you purchase the containers in bundles, you save some money but you have a guarantee on the quality. At a price of $53.99 for 6 containers, you can get a quick dozen to start the organization process. It may sound pricey compared to other brands but this company is legitimate. This is something I can't say for other smaller brands I tried to support.


We are at the end for our Gadgets of the Week! Let me know if any of these are helpful and see you next time some more to have you equipped for the world.

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