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Cove Alpa's Weekly Pod Rotation (May 11th-15th, 2020)

New content, new day! We are posting these on Mondays to recap the previous week's podcasts. A ton of podcasts touched on great topics and provided solid discussions in their area of expertise. You know we have to show love to our favorite podcasts. Let's see who made our list this round.


Last week's episode is an interview format type featuring David Balan (b.k.a @XavBalan). David has become one of the premier graphic designers in NYC. How he came across design was discussed on this episode. It started off as a hobby and transformed into something more. I enjoyed this episode because I could relate to it heavily when it comes to managing your confidence as well as the fear of success that lurks around. Definitely listen to this episode and check out David's website. To keep up with What's A Good Guy, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Don on Twitter and Instagram along with LaShawn on Twitter and Instagram.


This episode starts off with a quick discussion on Little Richard, Andre Harrell, and Betty Wright who recently passed away. It is often difficult to wrap all of the legends we have last in the last 3-4 months this year. I enjoy us counting the flowers for the people we have lost as well as the #Verzuz battle between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. This was a packed episode but the important topic covered was centered around critics in the music industry. We often have those voices so loud and boisterous. Another heater from Armon and his team. Tap in if you haven't subscribed to him already. Keep up with Stay Busy with Armon Sadler on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Armon on Twitter and Instagram and Nic on Twitter and Instagram.


Your favorite problematic group of gentlemen are back. We know their music tastes are problematic as hell at times. I did enjoy their discussions on Tekashi and Kehlani. 69 has recently gotten out of jail and is pretty much making music again in the rap game. A publicly known informant still has a career in rap. Times sure have changed for real in the game. As we glance over to Kehlani, it is interesting how cheating when it happens to women is not seen as problematic. Switch the positions, women look like the most evil creation known to man. I enjoy the maturity these guys showcased in those topics and reminding people Boosie is not winning dad of the year anything soon. I need to say this before I forget, congratulations to these dudes for hitting one year mark of podcasting. To bigger and better things for the Imaginary Players team. Keep up with the Imaginary Players on Twitter and Instagram. To follow the four hosts, see below:

John - Twitter and Instagram

Jordan - Twitter and Instagram

Walter - Twitter and Instagram


Two episodes in one week yet again. One episode discusses a hacker bribing his way into Roblox (an online gaming platform) and how negligence in tech continuing to be an issue. The second episode focused on teaching the difference of security in the cloud and on-premise. More informative episodes in technology that should be on your rader. Subscribe and get some pointers in that space to keep you abreast of what is going on in the tech space. To keep up with Security In Color, follow on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow Dominique on Twitter and Instagram.


Our dynamic duo of pervy sage energy is back. Discussing orgies and more debauchery. I'll keep it brief but you want to listen to those dudes discuss some wacky things in regards to male sexuality from this episode. It truly is something else. Trust me haha. To keep up with Hard or Soft, follow the platform on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you follow Orlando on Twitter and Instagram as well as Tahoe on Twitter and Instagram.


Our favorite ladies are back with another episode. They cover their perspective on The Last Dance documentary, #Verzuz battle between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, and Insecure on the Issa and Molly fallout. I stress how important it is to listen to black women and their views during these pandemic. It adds something to me who sees the world from a cisgender black male gaze. Some people don't want it as bad as you and that is ok. How do we have healthy growth in friendships? So many things touched on by this group. Solid work and tap into their platform. To keep up on Black Girl Podcast on Twitter and Instagram. To follow the five hosts, see below:

Alysha P - Twitter and Instagram

Bexx Francois - Twitter and Instagram

Gia Peppers - Twitter and Instagram

Sapphira Em - Twitter and Instagram

Scottie Beam - Twitter and Instagram


I know I know. You want more podcasts to add to your rotation. Be sure to check out the first two articles from Weekly Pod Rotation series (1st and 2nd) to catch up on the previous batch of podcasts we mentioned from previous weeks. See you next Monday!

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