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Are You Flee? Vol. 4

We are already on our 4th Volume of Are You Flee? Man, the time sure is flying by. More brands means more chances to nab more pieces for that closet of yours. It is that time to tap in!


Zella Fermani is a luxury retail brand based out of NYC. I have seen some of my peers rock their clothing which forced me to say aloud "where did you cop that?!?!". This brand has some distinct pieces that stand out so brilliantly it makes me hate that I came across this line so late in the game. Right now, they have masks made to assist people in covering their mouths due to COVID-19. The inventory is looking light right now but best believe more new items are on the way. To keep in tune with their clothing drops, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


JueParis is a brand that makes an assortment of items: clothing, jewelry, and pins. I love the logos and concepts they have had over the years. This brand has the proper structure to cross demographics and I am excited to see how much more they can achieve. Be sure to check out their store and cop a sweater while they are still in stock. Follow JueParis on Twitter and Instagram.


Hstry Clothing. The brand Nas created. Yes, that Nas. This started off as a super exclusive brand and restructured to the form it is today. I am trying not to be biased by the 2.0 version definitely resonates more with the public than its predecessor. Hstry is a little in the cut so if you didn't know, you might miss out on it. You will definitely be about to find a few gems in the store that will make you the talk of the block. Be sure to follow Hstry Clothing on Twitter and Instagram.


Nomä NYC is such a versatile brand who specializes in sweaters and custom jeans. This brand has such a retro feel with a modern twist to it. Currently, the brand is getting ready for their next collection. I implore you to head over to their store and nab something. Get ready for upcoming launch by following them on Twitter and Instagram.


Illionaire Society is definitely about providing colorful fits with comfort. I enjoy a wide palette of colors as well as a good investment in the materials. Even though summer is mere steps away, they have a great collection of tech suits to give Nike a run for their money. Stop by the store and you may find a keeper! Follow Illionaire Society on Twitter and Instagram.


Be sure to check out Vol. 1, Vol. 2, & Vol. 3 in case you missed it to update that wardrobe. See you next week!

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