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Are You Flee? Vol. 1

Updated: May 8, 2020

I know you are bored in the house and in the house bored. This pandemic has everyone anxious on when things will start to look normal again. While we are inside, I will send over clothing brands made from P.O.C. that will definitely have you looking flee as can be. You want to get pieces from these folks while you can.


Nigeria Ealey. Esaïe Jean-Simon. Victor James. These names might not be well known to you right now but they will be soon enough. The trio is the creative force behind Tier NYC and have taken the country by storm with their innovative designs and organic support. To have big names such as Rick Ross, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul rocking your gear casually in public, means you have quality gear that is oh so fly and oh so flee. The current collection out right now is titled Project O: Gravity. It is a camo treatment added to one of their staple items the Space Cargo Pants. Head over to the store to get some gear. To stay tuned on Tier and all of their offerings, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


FSMB. Father Stretch My Bands. This brand is based around a mantra that regardless of your background, you can achieve financial well-being. Visionary Society was founded by Diosdado Sima and you can tell how serious he takes this brand since it is an extension of himself. They have recently done a customization weekend partnering with Adidas and it is inspiring to see one person do so much over the course of 5 years. The shop is open. Remember this is for motivation purposes only. Follow Visionary Society on Twitter and Instagram.


PREVAL is founded by Jobert Preval and it represents to have vision and foresight. I think that meaning encompasses this clothing line's concepts quite well. From shirts to long sleeves to hoodies, this brand has it all. Quality material and definitely something to add to your closet. This is one of my favorite brands that I own so many piece from. Don't think, just clink when you are on the storefront. You can keep up with the brand on Instagram.


Think Good Thoughts was a fire old Drake song (I can't believe I wrote that). Nowadays, that phrase is connected to a brand based out of NYC which cozy tops and tight accessories. I love how simplistic and straightforward with the designs. It's amazing how subtle changes to designs you know and love brings something new to life. They have some new colorways for their signature logo so take advantage while they are still in stock. Keep up with Think Good Thoughts NYC on Twitter and Instagram.


androssLosAngeles was founded by Suprchnk out west in 2011. This brand started with a handful of stickers and some t-shirts in a few colors. Over the years, numerous designs have come along with more supporters steadily growing across the country. Now, clearing out their inventory to pave way for some new pieces coming later this year. They do have a Spring Clearance sale going on now (35% on all items in the store - Promo Code: SPRINGCLEANING) til June 1st. Check out the store and cop some gear while supplies last. Follow a-LA. on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the know.

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