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Are You Flee? Vol. 3

Smooth walking with Vol 3 in this place!

I reupped with more black brands in other parts of the country. I know we going places domestically for the fashion. We are here to make sure your closet is legendary. Let's get active!


Can't Buy Respect is a pure clothing line that I have been following from the beginning. The founder Chase N Cashe is a talented producer from New Orleans and it is easy to buy into anything he does. He understand how to perform build a team and execute which is so key in the fashion area. One of Chase's best decisions was his chose as Creative Director for the brand who is none other than Yan Snead. She is a dynamic force and they now have an App to expand their reach even more with the brand. This brand is one you have to pay attention too. Their pieces are limited and you might miss out on a potential fave if you sleep. Remember we are Not For Sale and you Can't Buy Respect. You got to EARNED it. These folks sure have. Follow Can't Buy Respect on Twitter and Instagram.


I truly love brands that have simple imagery and high quality material. Bricks & Wood is an Los Angeles based brand with aspirations for the stars. Their price mark is on point to show you they are serious in the branding of their products. The team has so many items for all facets of your life. Belts, robes, mugs, and rugs! Whatever you need, Bricks & Woods aims to be the place to shop during this time. Follow Bricks & Wood on Twitter and Instagram.


Supervsn Studio sounds like a science lab with nifty fits. The motto for Supervsn goes as follows: "SUPERVSN is defined by the intersection between reality and creativity, when energy becomes ideas and ideas become things". There are a few pieces that feel rather surreal. For a brand that is approaching its two year mark, they have worked hard to create their consumer base and distinct look. Now how high they go will be up to them. Follow Supervsn Studio on Instagram.


Nineteenth Letter is all about blending concepts and color schemes. I enjoy how nostalgic some of these pieces are. These are definitely the types that you wear in public and people stop you on the street because they HAVE to know where to cop them. This brand should be a hypebeast's fantasy for the fire fits. Head over to the store and make some purchases while supplies last. Follow Nineteenth Letter on Twitter and Instagram.


Creative Gold Clothing

My guy Creative Gold is a talented Wordsmith and also has merch for his brand. I love how much he pours into it when it comes to color options and customs. The man is intent on his supporters rocking the fits when they come out to see him perform on stage. Be sure to hit Creative up directly as he is crafting up orders right now. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to get some gear.


Be sure to check out Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 in case you missed it to update that wardrobe. See you next week!

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