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Are You Flee? Vol. 2

We are back with Vol 2 baybee!

We have more clothing lines who are black owned that you can shop with to expand your wardrobe while we are stuck inside. It's time to build them fits while we have the time to analyze what we need moving forward. We are going to jump right into it!


I was introduced to the brand Status Symbol last year at a backyard party. At the time, they had hats and shirts with a small but engaged consumer base. Fast forward a year, this company has added bomber jackets. Quality bomber jackets. I am truly excited to see where this brand is going to be in a few years. While I wait, I need to place that order for a jacket. Cop one while supplies last! Keep up with Status Symbol on Twitter and Instagram.


Currently Living Our Underestimated Dreams. Cloud Apparel NYC is a brand with a small collection of looks. I love their signature logo due to how simple and straightforward it is. They do know how to play on the Cloud image to expand the inventory with some cartoon concepts that work for most ages. I am going to get some items from the store soon but keep this brand on your radar. Stay in the know by following Cloud on Instagram.


Collective Company (COLco) is a clothing brand from the heart of Maryland. Three PG County natives came together to create this line to lean into creating nostalgia through fashion. I enjoy the visuals they have on their pieces and it reminds me of Toonami fused with Adult Swim. People were reaching out to me to make sure I know this brand is on the come up. I feel like it was only the start to sold rise from COLco. Keep up with COLco on Twitter and Instagram.


Mercï is a young brand that focuses the white/red and black/white colorway in all of their designs. It feels like a Yin/Yang concept and I love that true opposite effect. This brand centers around keeping it concise with the colorways means they can focus on distinct imagery to reel consumers. We might not have a summer (crosses fingers) but I feel the shirts from this line can be easy pairings for fits for all seasons. Follow Mercï on Instagram.


Fly Kid NY is a lifestyle brand that has clothing for all ages and all situations. It has been around for 9 years and has undergone so many transformations to get to it's current place. This brand has a strong presence all over NYC and has been spreading to other parts of the country. With a variety of images, you can definitely find something that fits your look. Check out the store and follow them on Instagram.


Make sure you also revisit Vol. 1 in case you missed it to improve your wardrobe. See you next week!

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