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Photographer Profile: Paul Abraham

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: What caused you to get into photography? PA: Getting into photography was essentially along the same lines as when any visionary discovers their“calling”. Something draws you in and you’re just hooked. For me, it came from holding onto memories, since I’ve always been an individual who holds on to the past. Ha.

CA: How did photography make you see the world differently? PA: Photography gave me the opportunity to showcase how i view the world. Which is through a very vibrant filter, since I think my own life is pretty boring. I use my visual perception to bring life into any situation I’m faced with.

CA: What do you do to improve on your craft? Techniques? PA: I improve on my craft everyday really. I love to look at things and fully analyze them all the time and remember little details that usually wouldn’t be of much importance to anyone who’s just looking at something at face value. Everything has layers that you should try to understand so you can get the best image possible, or just from another perspective that people don’t usually get to see.

CA: How does your group of friends influence your take on photography? PA: My friends or just anyone that I enjoy photographing influence me to view them how they wish to view themselves. I love to make people look awesome and dope, that always my goal. My friends can get annoyed with me sometimes because i may not post all the pictures I took of them and that’s usually because i didn’t think they looked as awesome or dope as they did in their last picture i took. So i’m just saving themselves. Haha.

CA: What is the perfect picture to you? PA: Perfect to me is subjective *laugh*, so really anything that sticks. Any image to me that holds value or maintains a presence is perfect to me.

CA: What do you feel after taking a picture of a loved one or close friend? PA: I love it man! I take pictures mostly of the people that I do love or care for. Just because i don’t really hang with anyone I view as “ugly”

CA: What helps you get in the mindset to shoot something? PA: It’s a feeling I can’t too much explain, I usually shoot a lot off reflex and I usually shoot with what I see in my mind, so really that’s where the camera is really at. When it comes across the lens, that’s usually when i shoot.

CA: How long have you been doing photography? PA: I’ve been doing photography since I was a kid really, I even still have a sign in my childhood room that says “Paul’s Photo Gallery” and it’s always dope to see that I’ve always had a good idea that I would just grow to be a creative.


CA: Do you have a favorite moment while working with your camera? PA: When I am shooting,(since i haven’t been actively shooting in a while) I enjoy shooting concerts. That’s where I usually shine the best at while really just appearing amongst the crowd as another fan. I love the fan perspective over the dudes who like being all in the artists face and ruining the show for others just to get a wack image anyway. Just get out the way and enjoy the show, you’ll get the right shots when need be.

CA: What do you feel is the biggest asset that you have right now? PA: My biggest asset right now is really just this overflow of creativity that I’m suffering from right now. I have tons of ideas that I’m working on and it’s like I’m busting at the seems with just all these ideas that I have. I’m just waiting for the right time to really showcase them in a domino effect so my story makes sense. It’s gonna be a good story too.


CA: And the biggest challenge you have as of right now? PA: My biggest challenge right now I just getting stuff done. I’m no different from anyone else who’s working a crappy job and just really trying to find balance to make your dreams come true. It’s hard but really, stop making excuses and just get it done is my new motto. No matter the amount of gas I have, or how tired I am from working, JUST. GET. IT. DONE. and make it awesome. Simple as that.

CA: What is fun and rewarding for you in regards to photography? PA: I enjoy making people people look different. Making people look at themselves like they are a star and not just plain ol joe. Everyone loves looking at a picture of themselves and being like “daaaaaamn that’s me?” I love that reaction.


CA: Nikon or Canon? PA: Canon of course. I love Nikon of course but to me their a little limited in their selection for equipment. Their quality is amazing though and I still would shoot with them, but Canon has my heart.

CA: Do you take pictures with a smartphone? If so, which do you prefer between a smartphone and a DSLR? PA: Hell YEAH! I feel like some smartphone cameras are already doing amazing things just to make something strong visually on the go. Of course nothing beats my DSLR but nowadays i actually do use my phone to shoot stuff just because I don’t always have the time to pull out….my camera. Pause.

CA: How do you want your work/portfolio to be remembered for? PA: I want any of my work to be remembered and have the same effect as when people watch “Boyz N The Hood”. Classic, Humorous and still deliver a message. I’m a very fun person as in i usually don’t like being seen as a serious and wack individual. Usually that’s how people see me though, but i’m the easiest and coolest person to talk with. My work though, it’s just a peek into my world, and I already feel like a main character so i’m just here for people to play my story.


CA: What is the best advice you can give someone with a strong desire to do photography? PA: My best advice for anyone wanting to pursue photography, is to do something different. Create your own lane and make people think a little more. “Just because your image is sharp doesn’t always mean your picture is clear.” It’s time for our generation to create our own legends instead of just hoping the past ones will return.

Follow Paul on IG @olliejukebox

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