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Model Profile: Anzie

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: I see you do modeling and have a great following due to your fashion tastes. What got you into both fields?

Anzie: My mom got me interested in fashion at a very young age by having me watch her favorite fashion films and by including images of her favorite fashionistas around the house. My mom’s person style is very similar to Princess Diana because she loved her very much. In the mornings before she would drop me off at school, she would put on The Nanny and I would just watch episode after episode in awe of Fran’s style. She also loved Americas Next Top Model and the love of fashion and modeling just fostered naturally.

CA: Glancing at your model photos from your agency profile, I see you going back and forth between the natural kinky afro and the straight hair. Is this of your own doing or requested by your photographer for the shoot?

Anzie: The photographers or creative directors usually let me know how they would like my hair to be for the shoot or show to best fit their vision.


CA: Are you more editorial or runaway when it comes to modeling?

Anzie: Right now I’m more editorial, but my dream has always been to be a supermodel and do both runway and editorial.

CA: Have you been apart of any fashion shows? Any plans to do so in the future?

Anzie: I’ve been in a couple shows locally, but this season I hope to get casted in some shows for fashion week!

CA: Fashion is a bit subjective at times. What helps you build your eye for building outfits and pieces together for your closet?

Anzie: I always pick pieces that could be easily layered or paired with multiple items because I’m experimenting with a small wardrobe right now. I go to a college where I have to dress up so my wardrobe is very professional, but I have casually pieces to make it professional when I go out. I’m very in love with silk and ruffled blouses right now so i’m stacking up on those.


CA: Name three women who you see as your fashion inspirations and why?

Anzie: Solange is my fashion inspiration because she plays around a lot with shapes and sizes. I was always afraid to wear over-sized clothing, but Solange inspired me to!

Diana Ross is a major fashion inspiration for me because I love the 70s as well as beautiful glamorous gowns i’ll probably never be able to afford. My mom loves her too so naturally I had to.

Julia Sarr-Jamoi’ style has always been very important to me because I was introduced to her at a young age by my older more stylist sister. Julia is queen of playing around with prints and patterns. Her street style has been on point for years and I hope to one day reach that level of fabulous.

CA: Fashion week occurs several times in the year in various locations internationally. If you had to select a fashion week in a place other then NYC, what would it be?

Anzie: I would die if I could participate in Fashion Week Milan or Fashion Week Paris


CA: You have a big event at the end of the night and don’t have an outfit for it. What places (or places) are you heading to in order to grab something quick? 

Anzie: There’s always super cool parties in NYC so this question is very close to home! I go to the thrift store to find cute outfits for events on short notice cause the thrift store always has my back!

To keep up with Anzie, follow her on twitter @Egyptique

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