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Brand Profile: The Outsdrs

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: Who are the Outsdrs and what does this music collective hope to do?

Flash Gordon: I feel like we’re your neighborhood hustlers disguised as dreamers. We literally just joined forces to do dope shit, cuz folks don’t seem to have any taste. I want solid gold iPhones for the homies. Not a gold phone case, dude. Like the whole phone is solid gold. That sounds superficial, but I see shit like that as spreading the wealth amongst the team. We gonna be them boys supplying the best content as a unit, rockin our own denim, remaining in a constant state of departure while always arriving. I don’t know what them other boys on.

Duke: Outsdrs… We’re a group of multifacited artists. We’re a movement, we’re a movement. We are actually outsiders these days, but above all we’re just brothers and I’m sure we’ll never be able to explain how all this has happened but it has… Our goal is to be successful in every aspect of the word, that includes moving the entire genre to new heights. That also includes moving the world forward and contributing to society. It’s more than music with us, this is only the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised if simple ran for president.

Mr. Simple: The first thing you notice before you even hear a song or see a piece of artwork is how we decided to spell the word Outsdrs that alone shows that we aren’t your run of the mill rap, k pop orchestra. We are all nothing alike but totally alike at the same time. We walk into parties with a styrofoam cup of herbal tea and leave off a tab. To put it simply we are not those kids next door but if we were I’d be number 1 bald with sun glasses stealing yo’ bitch. We hope to reach every soul that can hear and even if they can’t we’ll use sign language, this group will restore hope and take it away from those in our way. We hope to give people a reason to hope.

Words On Ghost: The Outsdrs are just a group of people who do things better than everybody. My goal for the squad is to be the most bitchin band this side of the milky way.

CA: How did you come together?

Flash: I’ve known Simple since I was 13. I’ve known Duke since 2012. I introduced them to each other at this party that got narc’d and we ended up dipping out when shit got crazy. The bond been tight ever since. Ghost I met in 2010, but we ain’t start hanging around each other until 2014. When we realized the talents we had, we decided to just stunt. There’s a couple dudes behind the scenes that hold the team down and keep things moving. Y’all are a big key, too.

Duke:  We were all close before the “Outsdrs” became THIS. We came together extremely organically; you know, 2k and smash brothers and guilty gear and booze ‘n shit. It only grew to this when we actually grew closer and saw that we had so many commonalities between us and that made us a unbreakable group. The rap just developed in the background so to speak. The opinions and point of views we shared made us outsiders, I suppose the music made us OUTSDRS.

Simple: Really we came together because we’re some like-minded individuals in a crime ridden city that couldn’t relate with standing on a corner your whole life. We had to weed out most of the friends we grew up with who are now in jail or plan to be. Choosing who to be around is a major part of one’s success and we chose the people who can uplift us while also keeping us grounded.

Words On Ghost: We came together pretty natural in my opinion. I’ve known who Flash was since we had Japanese class in tenth grade together though we didn’t start hanging out heavily till we were out of school. He introduced me to all the others but it wasn’t like “Yo, We all rap and make music and shit.” We were just chillin playing video games and drinking 40’s.

CA: What is your respective role on the team and how do you develop the others?

Flash: I’d like to think I help set a standard. Help dudes see things from another point of view. Help them bring the full potential out of themselves. We always constantly thinking of some dope new shit to do. I want my bros to care about keeping the wave going. Don’t sell yourself short, ever. Love yourself.

Duke: My role? (Lol) producing heat and rapping very well. Honestly I believe I help the others out by inspiring them as of late. We’ve all got to the point where if we aren’t satisfied or need help, we figure out how to do it on our own. We inspire each other to go harder Everytime we rap, and that’s why we’re even getting interviewed right now. So yeah, solid inspiration.

Simple: Being that my name is Mr. Simple, the “M.R.” stands for “My Role” then there’s the “Simple” part which is how I would describe my role in the group. I love photography so any photos that we need, I usually take care of. I’m currently stepping into the videography world, I’ve already made some promotional videos for the group and hope to make more. When it comes to the actual music, my role is to cover all bases. If we need a country song, I’m David Aldean. If we need some heavy metal songs, consider me Ozzy Osbourne. I like to break music barriers and hope to be seen as an overall artist, not just a rap artist. As far as developing the others I think we all bounce ideas off of each other whenever something comes up, we never hold back our opinions and work with each other to grow.

Words On Ghost: My role is to be a damn icon. My hair got life insurance. My contribution to the team is building soundscapes that mean something. Theres always substance round this way.

CA: Are there any upcoming projects that will be released later this year or early next year?

Flash: I’m dropping an EP (titled Alexander EP) at the end of November. Duke has one of the best projects (titled Twin Corpse) I’ve ever heard that’s dropping before the year is over. Trust. Ghost has a gem he’s dropping next year. Me & Simple are collaborating on something dope outside of music next year. Got a few more surprises next year as well. OUTSDRS don’t get boxed in.

To keep up with the Outsdrs, follow the brand’s twitter page @Outsdrs and their website

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