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Photographer Profile: Paola Castillo b.k.a Cas.tle

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: How do you get the name Castle? PC:My old instagram got reported and deleted which made me have to choose a new username. I decided to use my last name (Castillo) as my instagram name. In Spanish, Castillo means Castle and my username was citizen castle. After a while, I decided to leave it as Castle and everyone started calling me that.

CA: What led you to get into photography? PC: I have always been an artistically inclined person from a young age. I was always involved in school with art projects, singing, and dancing. In my family, my aunt is a singer and my uncle is a photographer. Everybody has their own talent while I happen to be good at several things. I decided on photography because it ties in for me the big picture. It is a metaphor for my life where I can show my perception of what I see to everyone and tie in all my creativeness. I can tie in singing and dancing in it because I can photography that image so everyone can see if from my point of view.


CA: How did photography make you see the world differently? PC: Well in a way, perception is reality but you can only see what a person chooses to show you. When I pick up a camera and I see the world differently, I have the advantage to make someone see what I perceive but that doesn’t mean that is the reality of it. I think it is like an craft where you look through the view finder and take a picture of something. We often overlook what we see on a daily. The fact that I can take something ordinary to make it intriguing is like magic in a way.

CA: What is the perfect picture to you? PC: I feel like as photographers we often try to chase an image and we often don’t capture the essence of what is going on. I feel like that is what makes a good pictures; capturing the essence and being able to get a vibe from the picture. When you see a picture that ignites feeling into you and you felt like you were in that moment is a perfect picture. The perfect picture comes from the perfect moment.


CA: Do you have a favorite moment while working with your camera? PC: When was I taking my online photography course and it told me to do something new. I was looking through my pictures, I realized I was doing the techniques unconsciously and didn’t know the name of the techniques. Seeing that I was doing it all this time made me realize we have this potential that we don’t even know about ourselves. You often doubt yourself and think you aren’t good enough. When you see it in reality it is like you really are who you think you are like Drake said.

CA: How do your talents outside of photography help you with the creative process? PC: I listen to a lot of old 90s R&B like De La Soul and Talib Kweli. I also listened to old rap which had a lot of substances. For example, listening to Nas who is a very good story teller might cause me to paint an idea for me to do a photoshoot with someone.


CA: Who would you shoot that is well known if you had the chance? One famous female and one famous male PC: I would take a picture of Angelina Jolie because of her bone structure. Her face is like art. There are so many dimensions and angles to it. I would pick Michael Ealy for the males because of his eyes. They are amazing.

CA: Name the three places you would love to shoot in the world PC: Thailand because of the beautiful landscape. Switzerland because of their architecture/buildings. My third choice would be a middle eastern country like Dubai because of the people and the desert setting. I would love to see their culture and I feel it is important to portray different cultures.


CA: How do you want your work/portfolio to be remembered for? PC: I want it to be recognized for substance and essence. I want people to look at my images and to feel it was in the moment to relate to the image taken. When I’m older I will probably want to have more integrity in my work. I want to make my own name and my own legacy. Nothing is original anymore. Everyone steals ideas from other people and remake things to make it look their way. I want to take all the ideas and do it in a way that makes it hard for other people to replicate it.

Follow Cas.tle on IG @cas.tle and her work on her website

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