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Photographer Profile: INVTBL

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: What does INVTBL stand for? INVTBL: It stands for “Inevitable”. It comes from my chest tattoo that reads “ Inevitable Pain Optional Suffering” to remind me not to dwell on the things that may hold me back.


CA: Tell us how you picked up the camera and started taking pictures? INVTBL: I always had social anxiety growing up so, as sad as it sounds, I could only be involved in hobbies that didn’t require me to socialize. Going out by myself taking pictures made the most sense and I got my first camera at 14 as a Christmas gift.


CA: Describe the process it took for you to get to your current level in your photography? INVTBL: The first few years of shooting were just something to get me out of the house. I would take the typical pictures of plants or cool graffiti around the neighborhood and things like that. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I started to get compliments and would see my work reposted on other blogs. That got me interested in checking out the “top dogs” in the field so of course now I’m spending all day on Photoshop trying to be at that level. This turned me into a bit of a perfectionist to the point that I edit each shot at least 10 times and still go back to make small tweaks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.24.10 PM

CA: You seem to take a lot of landscape photos. What makes that your preferred type of shooting? INVTBL: The old saying “the journey is the destination” is only true when I shoot landscape photos. I shoot portraits from time to time and don’t enjoy the process nearly as much. When I’m out all night shooting during a lightning storm or walking through the hills I can go hours without taking a single picture because I catch myself taking it all in and truly living in the moment. I like to look at the pictures that come from it as a memory.


CA: Is there such thing as a perfect picture? INVTBL: I think if you look for “perfect” in the quality of the picture you’re doing it wrong. Having an emotional connection can mean the slight imperfections in the corner of a photo can bring out that emotion. Like I said earlier, I use my pictures as something to relive that moment. If my picture perfectly recreates that emotion then it’s hard to get more perfect than an exact replica.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.24.19 PM

CA: Do you have any photographers you look up too at all? Anyone who inspires you? INVTBL: Benjamin Hardman might be living the life I’m working towards. From his Snapchat, it seems as though he knows where every great view is around the world and he’s gotten the job done through some pretty crazy weather, which I really respect. I also follow Fursty from up in Oregon. There’s almost a calming mood you get just from the colors in his shots. There are plenty of people whose work I follow but those two are the ones that come to mind.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.22.40 PM

CA: If you could shoot in three places across the world, where would they be? INVTBL: Norway is easily top on my list. Just drop me off anywhere across the country and I’m sure I’ll be in awe. Second has to be Yosemite National Park. I’ve seen thousands of pictures of the park but a video a friend of mine showed me from his cabin during the winter has me hooked. That’s definitely a road trip coming up soon. Third would be shooting in the middle of the ocean. If I have the choice of not being near sharks I’ll take that choice but I know eventually I need to face my fears and I’m sure the experience will make it worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.22.58 PM

CA: What do you want to achieve before your career is over? INVTBL: If I can travel the world, meet people and learn something new everywhere I go, I feel as though I used my camera to live life the way I wanted to live it. It’s that simple for me.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.24.35 PM

To keep up with INVTBL, follow him on Instagram and his tumblr.

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