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Photographer Profile: Danielle Grandison

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: What caused you to get into photography? DG: I honestly don’t even know anymore. I guess one day in my studio art class I got fed up with drawing portraits and decided to take them instead.

CA: How did photography make you see the world differently? DG: I have a problem now. Once the light hits something I feel like I have to take a picture of it. My selfie to random object ratio in my photo stream is embarrassing.


CA: What do you do to improve on your craft? Techniques? DG: Well I major in Film and Media Arts so I basically surrounded myself with my craft. I do gigs as practice, but mostly I just put the most effort in my school projects and exploit them later.

CA: How did your classes in film & photography help you in regards to your work? DG: Sometimes I feel like my classes hurt my work. Most of my time goes into developing work for class or other people and I rarely get time for myself. However, sometimes certain assignments inspire me later on and I find myself recreating work with the same constraints.


CA: What is the perfect picture to you? DG: If it tells a story without force, I love it. What do you feel after taking a picture of a loved one or close friend? I feel used because more than likely it’s going on Facebook or Instagram. What helps you get in the mindset to shoot something? I never really have to get in the mindset to shoot. I always want to shoot.

CA: How long have you been doing photography? DG: Since I was exposed to it in highschool.


CA: Do you have a favorite moment while working with your camera? DG: Two years ago on my mothers birthday I tried to surprise her with a visit, but tickets home were too expensive. I was sad and frustrated which motivated me to find a distraction. I sat on top of a school building and watched the sun rise. I’m corny but the images I got from that day are my favorite.

CA: What do you feel is the biggest asset that you have right now? DG: I honestly don’t know. I just like the fact that everything I do has the same style to it so clearly I have some type of brand going on. I hope.


CA: And the biggest challenge you have as of right now? DG: I have to stop doubting myself. 98% of the work I do ends up in a folder called I Hate You because if I look at it too long I think it sucks.

CA: What is fun and rewarding for you in regards to photography? DG: Who doesn’t like getting paid for what they enjoy doing?


CA: Nikon or canon? DG: Both. Anything. Everything. I like them all.

CA: Do you take pictures with a smartphone? If so, which do you prefer between a smartphone and a DSLR? DG: Smartphones are cool for in the moment convenience, but I’m in love with my DSLR.


CA: What is Aesthetic Affinity? DG: That’s my portfolio. The word play really makes sense of it all. Aesthetic means a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement while Affinity means a natural liking for or attraction to.

CA: How do you want your work/portfolio to be remembered for? DG: I honestly don’t care how just as long as it is .


CA: What is the best advice you can give someone with a strong desire to do photography?

DG: Shoot every and anything. Don’t fall into a stylized niche you need your work to be diverse so it can reach every and any one. Unless you’re that good, then by all means do you honey.

Check out Danielle’s work on her website The Aesthetic Affinity and her IG @Davincdeez

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