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Model Profile: Youseera Belhachmi

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

CA: How did you get into modeling? YB: I was scouted on facebook by the agency I am currently with. Growing up, I have always wanted to be a model. I always looked up to the Victoria’s Secret models and it became my goal was to become an Angel.

CA: What does it take to be an Angel? YB: You have to have a very fit body and a lot of models nowadays don’t know enough about nutrition. You need to be toned by working out a lot and a solid portfolio.


CA: If not modeling, what else would be your main passion/hobby? YB: I’m really into criminology and psychology. In school, I’m in the Social Science Research major and hopefully I go to college to become a neuropsychologist.

CA: Who can be an example for a source of inspiration for you in the modeling industry? YB: Taylor Hill, Magdalena Frackowiak, and Candice Swanepoel. Taylor Hill is really sweet and she seems like someone I would be friends with. Candice Swanepoel is a Victoria’s Secret Angel so I aspire to be more like her. Magadalena Frackowiak has been doing runaway for a long time and her catwalk is super fierce.


CA: What do you feel when you get in front of the camera? YB: You have to not try to look amazing. It has to come out naturally and have intense eyes. You have to work with what you have.

CA: What has been your greatest accomplishment in modeling? YB: I competed in something call IMTA and it is a modeling competition. Part of it was a fashion show by the designer Curtis Davis and I was picked to be apart of it.


CA: Explain a crucial learning experience you were taught because of modeling? YB: I have learned to be more confident and to not really care what people think about me. If you are always insecure and trying to impress other people, you will not have fun with what you are doing. When you are walking on the runway, you can’t be scared of everyone watching you. You have to learn to cope with what is going on while walking.

CA: What brings you a sense of happiness when you do modeling? YB: The adrenaline of walking and seeing the pictures after the photo shoots. The hair and make up


CA: What is your style? YB: I like a lot of floral prints and dresses/skirts. I’m not into tight fitting clothing but more comfortable stuff like a baggy sweater and skinny jeans.

CA: What brands would you love to wear their clothes or be in a commercial? YB: Calvin Klein, Versace, and Urban Outfitters.

CA: What makes each of those brands fit you? YB: I like the sets for My Calvin and the denim. I also like the shoots because it is casual but stylish. Versace is high fashion and it is something you would wear on a night out. Urban Outfitter is stuff that you wear every day which appeals to me.


CA: What type of impact do you want to have on the modeling world? YB: The standards with modeling have caused eating disorders and a lot of girls are insecure with their bodies because of the image the media portrays as the ideal body type. Hopefully, we can show that models don’t have to be extremely thin and show different types of bodies. To love yourself and not conform to societies’ ideals.

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