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Model Profile: Timothy Richardson

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: Your mom helped get you into modeling and staying in shape. Explain how she managed to do that and how she helped you stay focused in those two areas?

TR: Well my mother plays a vital role in my life. Keeping me grounded being the biggest thing. My mother taught me use to working out as my base. Through its emotional, spiritual and physical benefits it centers my life and helps me maintain focus. Also, being an athlete she preached to me I’m as good as the condition of my body. Talent only takes me so far. Modeling came along later in my career but when I expressed my interest she did the same thing she does with all of my personal endeavors and that’s ask me how serious I was about it. Once we sat down and talked it over we created a mindset and that’s to give it my all and take it as far as I can.

CA: Do you have a favorite experience (shoot or show) while modeling?

TR: One of my favorite experiences was the casting call for Orlando International Fashion week. Granted the show isn’t until November, was able to learn a lot in a short period of time and met a lot of great models.


CA: Where do you want to be in the modeling realm in the next three to five years?

TR: My plan for the next couple years is to build my portfolio with amazing work, and get booked for events in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. I want to be experienced in fashion, commercial & print and eventually getting into acting.

CA: Detail how it is to manage being a personal trainer managing the expectations with clients, making time to workout, and booking shoots/shows for modeling?

TR: I’m very very time orientated. As you can imagine I don’t have too much time so I have to use it wisely. Not too down time so I’m always working. Once I plan out an itinerary for the week its easier to complete task and goals.


CA: What do you love about doing personal training for people to get into amazing shape?

TR: Outside of changing someone physically I’ve seen major improvement in the spiritual aspect of client’s lives. With a new body comes new confidence and that’s a beautiful thing. Knowing you play part in positively changing the course of someone else’s life really confirms a purpose.

CA: Your portfolio is built off the strength of creative photographers. Do you have some photographers you enjoyed working with?

TR: I enjoy working with all photographers. Love seeing new ideas and what direction or concept they want to see come to life. My next period of work is going to be a lot of high fashion and dapper work. I don’t want to be labeled as only a fitness model when my dexterity is beyond that.


CA: If you could do a photo shoot with five celebrities, who would they be?

TR: Candice Swanepoel Jayden Smith Kayne West Angelina Jolie Lupita Nyongo


CA: What is the best piece of advice you would give someone who is interested in getting into the modeling world? 

TR: “Q-TIP” “quit taking it personal”. You have to be able to handle rejection well in any area of the entertainment industry. And also don’t sweat the small stuff. My mother always said “some people make life harder than it has to be”. Focus on the things you can control and do your best.

Follow Timothy on Twitter (@timothyrich22) and IG (@trich_fitness)

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