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Model Profile: Scott Bernard

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: How did you get into modeling?

SB: I did some college fashion shows here and there. One day someone hit me up on facebook about taking it seriously. I didn’t think about it at the time. I sort of fell into it. It helped me feel confident in myself. I feel it came naturally.

CA: For how long have you been modeling? SB: Professionally, a year (getting signed). Casually, for a few years.


CA: Which models do you idolize/look up too? SB: Tyson Beckford is definitely an inspiration to me. He is from the islands like I am. Regardless of his color skin, he has made strides in the fashion industry. I love how resilient and talented he is. Not only is he a model but a brand. I even got to see him during fashion week. He said it was my time. It really meant a lot coming from him.

CA: Where do you want to take your career? SB: Not only modeling because modeling is temporary but I want to make a brand. A Scott Bernard brand. I can come up with great ideas and concepts. I want to build an empire because I feel like you need to show people you can do whatever you put your mind too.

CA: How do you choose shoots/shows to do? SB: You can’t really agree to everything. You don’t want to waste your time (wasted time is wasted money). Research is important. You do your research for the event and who is hosting it. What can benefit your brand or harm your brand is crucial to your direction in modeling.


CA: How would you describe working with the photographer? SB: Feel a person out a bit in terms of concepts or ideas. You will be working as a team with the photographer. It is important not to have distortion between the photographer and model. Working as one is crucial to a solid shoot. It is not just about you taking pictures but acting as a muse for the photographer. I have to create art within myself using the photographer.

CA: What is the process for preparing for a shoot/show or runway? SB: You have to go into it confident. If you feel you are going to mess up, you will mess up. Go in confident. Not cocky but confident. I listen to music to get in the zone. I am going to the runway and showcase these clothes the best way I can. For shoots, it varies based on the shoot. Think of the concept of the shoot and mimic that energy


CA: Do you have a favorite shot/shoot? If you can’t choose one, what are the top 3 and why? SB: Definitely my first professional photo shoot with Ja’Dee Murphy who is like a mentor to me. He connected with me through facebook. I went to his studio to shoot with him in the Bronx. To be honest, shooting with him led me to my first conversation with an agent. It boosted my confidence in regards to the craft.

My second favorite shoot was with Gregory P. Scott in Riis Beach. It was for a magazine which came out in December. Very artistic in terms of body fitness and still had an editorial vibe to it.

My third favorite shoot was done by guys over in Fresher Than Chris blog. I loved it because it made me feel European because I was in nice clothes for once. I know I have a nice body but being in nice clothes doesn’t hurt. I had 8 looks that day and I feel the pictures came out great.

CA: What is fun and rewarding for you in regards to modeling? SB: I am very humble guy but I really appreciate the comments. Adrenaline junky is me. I love putting in the work and you inspire others. People come to me saying I am an inspiration. Asking me how to get into modeling and I don’t take it lightly. A very humbling sensation. Literally warms my heart.

CA: Outside of modeling, what are your interests? SB: I work out a lot, bars life. I am apart of the calisthenics movement and it helped me become more comfortable with myself. I lose myself with words because of how much passion I have for this. I am a bar athlete. I do compete in competitions. It takes a ton of discipline and I apply it to other areas of life.


CA: What is your workout plan? SB: 80% bodywork (calisthenics) and 20% with weights (usually for leg exercises). I do my cardio (cardio is important!). I try to touch everything.

CA: How did you get the nickname Chosen? SB: Well my nickname in the bar world is Lockout. I was given that from my mentor. The name Chosen is something I picked randomly for Instagram. I wanted to change it but everyone knows me as Chosen now. My closest friends know me as Lockout.

CA: Personal trainer? SB: I train people and I also come up with custom meal plans for people. Everything counts. You have to have a healthy lifestyle to attain your results. You get your workout, eat, and you moderate your intake. I help improve in whatever you need to be improved on.


CA: What is your ethnicity? SB: I was born in the US. I went back to Jamaica for a period of time. I learned about my roots and it was an experience. I do have some connection to the UK, I lived there for one year and came back to America to do high school. I can look back and say I learned a lot. I definitely can say I have seen a lot. It helped me to become a better person and who I am today.

CA: How do you describe your style? SB: I am very laid back. I can come up with some nice outfits. If I am going out, I head out with nice jeans, nice shoes (I’m big on shoes) and maybe a button up or v neck (toss in a blazer).

CA: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often? SB: I don’t follow magazines and blogs really. I keep tabs using my friends IGs in regards to fashion. Very stylish people I follow.

CA: Who is your female celebrity crush (top three if you can’t choose one)? SB: Stacey Dash, Kim Kardashian, Teyana Taylor


CA: How do you want your portfolio to be remembered for when your career is over? SB: I want to be remembered as wow this is legendary. This is something that cannot be copied or even replicated. This is pure solid work. I want to give people shock value. Oh my god when they see me. Make them say this is phenomenal. To get to that point you have to spend time to earn it. You can’t short change yourself at all. If you don’t invest in yourself who will invest in you.

Follow Scott on @body_by_chosen

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