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Model Profile: Jasmine Larry

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: How did you get into modeling?

JL: I got into modeling when I was 15. This was when I was in Philly which happens to be my hometown. A lady came up to my mom telling her I should try modeling. At the time, I didn’t know who this lady was but it turned out to be Eve’s (the rapper) mom. I’m like how did I run into Eve’s mom? I gave it a try andat the time I’m 15 when I just started high school and I’m in the 9th grade. There was no one else at my school doing this but me. It made it really weird, before that I never thought about modeling. People would assume I play basketball because I was tall. I would say no, I don’t play basketball *laughs*. I eventually did fashion shows and photo shoots in the Philly area then moved onto New York. I have been modeling ever since then.

CA: Was modeling on the radar at all? JL: Not at 15. I wanted to be an artist. I really love art and drawing. I still know how to draw but I don’t draw consistently.

Courtesy of Native Pharoah Photography

CA: Who can be an example for a source of inspiration for you in the modeling industry? JL: I have always looked up to the women I considered legends; Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Chanel Iman. I looked up to those types of models because they are African American women who have impacted an entire industry. Right now, Tyra and Chanel have ventured into other areas but I still look up to them. I look up to Joan Smalls the most right now because she is doing it big in the industry and across the world.

CA: How long have you been modeling? JL: I have consistently modeled for three years. Although I started at 15, after I graduated high school I went straight to college. During that time, I wasn’t modeling and wasn’t in a major market to do so. I wasn’t doing that much but the passion was still there.

Courtesy of Native Pharoah Photography

CA: How do you get ready for a photo shoot? For a fashion show? JL: If it is a fashion show/photo shoot that I know weeks in advanced, I usually eat healthier and drink a gallon of water a day. Overall healthy living up until the show. The day before, I’m just relaxing. I don’t get that nervous for shows. It is better to just do it. You know how you will perform. Nervousness is not something I am familiar with when it comes to shows.

CA: What has been your greatest accomplishment in modeling? JL: Becoming a bi-coastal model as in being able to model on both the east and west coast would be my greatest accomplishment so far. This shows how far my career has come and it makes me excited to see it develop even more. It is cool when people from both cities are telling you they need you for shows to attend. It requires a lot of traveling but I love traveling so its ok.

Courtesy of Michael Santana Photography

CA: Are you trying to get Miami? JL: I have been looking into Miami, it’s in the works. I had an offer with South Beach Fashion Week and I haven’t submitted to any agencies down there yet. But it is in the works *laughs*.

CA: Do you have a favorite shoot or fashion show? JL: My favorite photo shoot was in Ohio with Rashonda Marie in a junkyard. Rows and rows of old junky cars with overgrown trees and weeds. It was the dopest photo shoot I have been too. I believe it was just me, her, and the make up artist. We got some great images. Going on top of an old car or getting inside of it was dope.

Walking for Draya was a dope fashion show. It was in LA and I had a good time. We had fun.

Courtesy of Rashonda Marie Photography

CA: What do you wish your younger self had known about modeling that you know today? JL: Modeling is more than how you look. It also is about your personality and exuding beauty without even having to say anything. If I had to coach myself at 15, I would have told myself to feel beautiful on the inside regardless of how you look on the outside. You can walk into a room and someone can feel your presence without you saying anything.

CA: Why do you feel you have been successful so far? How will those reasons change over time in the future? JL: I think me being really passionate about something has made me so successful. When you are passionate about something, that is what you do and what keeps you going. I feel like if you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will not put your all into it. I definitely think passion and ambition makes me who I am to keep me going.

I don’t know if it will necessarily change because modeling is something I like to do. It is not about what will come from it in the future. I genuinely love my job. I am not sure it will change in terms of passion in loving to work and model. It will probably grow stronger and develop into what I love to do.

Courtesy of Michael Santana Photography

CA: What brings you a sense of fulfillment when you do modeling? JL: I think it’s overall when I first started, I was that awkward 15 year old girl who was tall and skinny who wasn’t confident. I feel like modeling brings that confidence out of me and makes me feel grand.

CA: What is your style? JL: I’m such a chill person when I dress. I am always like “I need a stylist”. Although I model, I will go to urban outfitters and have a ball. That is my style, jean and a tee shirt with cute little boots.

CA: Name your male celebrity crush and female celebrity crush if you have one? JL: Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy is the first. Keri Hilson would have to be my next one. And I’m going to be cliché and say Trey Songz for the last. His music is what makes me crush on him more than his aesthetics.

Courtesy of Native Pharoah Photography

CA: How do you want your portfolio to be remembered for? JL: I really want to be remembered for being an international model. That is my ultimate goal. I think for me personally, I want my career to resemble was experiences and traveling. I love to travel and I want to travel the world. I feel modeling will fulfill that passion in life and what I like to do. Ultimately, I want to look back at my career to say because of modeling I was able to experience all of these places in the world and meet different people.

Check out Jasmine on her IG @le.fleur and her work on her website

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