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Model Profile: Chrystian Dennis

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: How did you get into modeling?

CD: Two of my older cousins gave me a photoshoot as an Christmas gift back in 2010. This was their way of getting me out of my comfort zone as well as uplifting my spirits due to a rough period in my life.

CA: For how long have you been modeling? CD: Since December 24, 2010 so about four years

CA: Which models do you idolize? CD: I don’t idolize anyone actually, this may sound crazy but its never been like me to compare or be inspired by others work. And lets be real here, what model can I idolize as a 5’4 model lol.

CA: Where do you want to take your career? CD: Ideally, I would like to be a prominent fitness model for major companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Amour.

CA: How do you choose shoots/shows to do? CD: There has to be some sort of positive benefit for me; such as a new experience, compensation, or the ability to learn something new and meet new networks.

CA: How would you describe working with the photographer? CD: That’s all dependent on the photographer because now we’re talking about different people which means different personalities. I work well with anyone essentially because I come to work and accomplish a goal!

CA: Do you have a favorite shoots? Why? CD: One of my favorite professional shoot was the commercial and print ad for Timex Ironman sports watch. I jump roped, did yoga, and ran all day while they followed me shooting!! Best kind of work ever *smiles*.

CA: What gives you a sense of fulfillment when it comes to doing modeling? CD: The fact that most don’t know my past and how insecure I was with my body. Modeling gave me the positivity and encouragement I needed growing into my womanhood. This business allowed me to grow into a more outgoing individual as well and understand a lot more about business and branding.

CA: Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so, what’s your favorite city that you have visited? CD: Yes, I travel a lot because of modeling but also because I run my own business as a Travel Consultant. I’m not too fond of cities but if I had to choose it would be more of a favorite country type! JAMAICA!!

CA: Outside of modeling, what are your interests? CD: Traveling, shopping, and spending time with my loved ones.

CA: What is your favorite aspect of yourself physically? CD: I’d say my muscular legs and eyes.

CA: What is your ethnicity? CD: Cape Verdean and Italian

CA: How do you describe your style? CD: Hmm, that’s hard since I’m very versatile. So I can be comfortable in all styles and I’m willing to try new ones at anytime. However, my most comfortable style would be a tomboy chic one because it covers all bases of my personality.

CA: Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and/or catalogs do you visit most often? CD: I don’t do much of that, similar to idolizing models. If I like something, I’ll look but to be consistent with a certain magazine or site can force your style to become bias and limit creativity.


CA: Where do you generally shop? CD: Anywhere my pocket can afford at the time.

CA: Who is your celebrity man crush? CD: Don’t have one lol.

CA: Who is your celebrity woman crush? CD: Alicia Keys


CA:What do you want your work/portfolio to be remembered for? CD: The ability to trigger emotions and thought. INSPIRE young girls to recognize their talent and beauty while not allowing any stereotype or person stop them from persevering.

Follow Chrystian on IG @thisischrystian

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