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Cove Alpa's Apps of the Month

Every month, we are goin to share with you some key apps that should make your life easier. As a generation with the phone always in your hand, it is time to make sure you are organized. Introducing the Apps of the Month segment!



My little brother told me about this app back when it was called Arrive. Arrive goes through your emails to be the central spot to track all of your packages. During the pandemic, this was crucial because we have all experienced an uptick in orders. This helps and that is not the only feature this app has now. Arrive went through a rebrand to now be called Shop. Shop is owned by Shopify and is looking to entice people to find new items through their platform. How would they do that? Once you have made a purchase with a company and Shop has tracked the package, it will be added to the shops tab to curate items you might be looking for. I haven't used it in full but I look forward to the possibilities for this app.

Pricing: Free


I have been connecting with friends quite often during the Covid-19 pandemic in various ways. When text messages and phone calls no longer suffice, Houseparty has been a great medium to engage multiple people at a time. This app is similar to mixing Facetime + Snapchat + Instagram with a side of games. You can know when people are active on the app and create a room together. It can be as small as 2 and as large as 8. So many games to do to pass the time which replicates an actual house party event. If you want to keep in touch with people in a fun & quirky way, this is the app for you.

Pricing: Free


Milkshake is an app I use to house my personal projects (such as Comedy, Clothing Line, and Cove Alpa). I used to use Linktree but the aesthetic of that platform was limited. I enjoy the variety you get in creating your central space to bring people into your brand. This works for all sorts of creatives and I am glad I saw one of my peers Simone use it for her personal brand. The turnaround time is short and you can get your fix after playing around with it for a while. You should make some time for this app if you want to push your brand to new heights.

Pricing: Free


Digit is one of the best financial tool apps that I use. This app helps make saving easy and organized all in one place. You want to travel to Tokyo or clear a credit card? This app allows you to setup multiple goals to accomplish those things without you having to worry about it. I saved up for trips/cameras/tattoos! You name it and this app will help you hit saving goals. Believe me that if you want to start taking more control over your saving habits, this is the app for you.

Pricing: App is Free (but the monthly subscription is $5.)


Tile is something I wrote about in a previous article for gadgets you need. The app itself is helpful to track any missing items you may have. I have Tiles for my bags/luggage/keys/wallet and it helps shorten the time it takes to find them. You can go in the app to make the item beep while you are searching for it. The magic behind Tile is similar to herd immunity. When you have a good amount of people using Tiles, they ping their location off each other. This means the community helps you find missing items easier due to all of the Tiles communicating with each other. The App is free which makes sense when you start investing in the Tile products (always buy for them in bulk). Tile does have a premium service that is $2.99 a month or $29.00 a year. I haven't had a reason to upgrade yet but it is affordable and comes with some cool benefits. You can a year supply for replacement batteries and additional features unlocked in the app. This product will change your life in a good way.

Pricing: Free (but you can upgrade to a premium version for $2.99/month or $29.00/year)


The Motivation - Daily Quotes app is one of my two go to apps for inspiration to keep my spirts high. My love of quotes is so high that I send out quotes to all of my social media platforms to help people during their day. Motivation app grants you access to a few topics for free. Those free areas house over a thousand quotes for you to use throughout your day. If you are the type that could use a pick me up at random points of the day, this is an app to add to your phone.

Pricing: Free


Eternal Sunshine is the second app I used to center my spirt. In addition to positive quotes, this app has an assortment of audio clips, visuals, and playlists to help you get into a great mediative state. This is all for the free.99! You cannot go wrong when you get this app on your phone. During these stressful times, I implore you to get this app.

Pricing: Free


Thank you for coming to the end of the Apps of the Month. We will be back with more apps to use to make life that much easier for you. See you next time!

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