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Cove Alpa's Gadgets of the Week Vol. 1

Updated: May 8, 2020

I have loved gadgets since I was a wee little lad. Every week, I am going to share some gadgets/items that should make your life easier. I will give a breakdown of the purpose the gadget serves and why you should cop it. Please enjoy volume 1 of Cove Alpa's Gadgets of the Week.


I have used Mophie cases way back when I had a Samsung Galaxy 4 (we do not talk about those days). I loved how much the case would extend the battery life on my phone back when carrying a wire and box to charge was an inconvenience. The cases now don't have the same juice which forced me to transition to carry portable battery banks. This battery bank can charge your phone up to 2.5 times on ONE charge. When you are outside and going from event to event, you don't need to worry if you will make it to the end of the night. At the price point of $100, it does sound expensive but I have had my charger for about a year and the investment has been clutch. I have spent numerous weekends out and about without placing my phone on the lightning cable at home. If you have it in your budget, I would strongly suggest you getting this battery bank.


While stuck inside during Covid-19, I have been doing my best to reduce the amount of cables in my house. This 3-in-1 fast charging dock handles the job of charging separate devices up at the same time. At a cost of $45, this feels like a steal to me. This is not an Apple product only dock either. You can use Android phones and watches with this dock as well. If you have any wearable devices and want to clean up your desk, this is the product for you.


For years, I have been telling my friends to get Tile. For YEARS. This is the best investment I made. I have tiles in my wallet, keys, bags, and luggage. I am never worried about misplacing my personal items due to the app's ability to ping the location of the item to you. There are Four types of Tiles: Sticker, Pro, Mate, and Slim. Based on the need, there is a Tile for any item you need to keep track of. Plus, it is easy to use. I gave my mom and brother each one to keep track of their keys and it has made their lives so much easier. Make a list of the things you want you to never lose and go over to Tile to get some of their gadgets today!


Another purchase to reduce the cables and charging boxes around the house. This lamp has opened up space on my table to get my work done. Working from home for an extended amount of time means you have to build a strong workstation. We have three USB ports and two 3 prong AC outlets on the lamp so you can connect up to five devices if need be. The price for this $57 dollars so for those of you who are in front of the compute screen for 6-8 hours, this is will help with the lighting and endless Zoom meetings 🙃.


JBL has been a sound system I have enjoyed since the JBL Flip 2. Now the brand has the 5th rendition and it packs a bigger punch. I have 3 Flip 4s so I know one of the best features with the JBL brand is how they connect to each other via Bluetooth. You can create your own surround sound system at a faction of the cost. Impromptu game nights or parties definitely have me as the go-to person to get the vibes going. These speakers are $100 but if that price is too high for you, you can definitely spend money on the JBL Flip 3 or 4 for similar performance at a lower price.


We are at the end for our Gadgets of the Week! Let me know if any of these are helpful and see you next week some more to have you equipped for the world.

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