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Brand Profile: Styles of Melody

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: What’s your name and where are you from?

SM: My name is Melody and I was born in Chicago but raised in Orlando, FL.

CA: How would you explain your take on fashion and how did you get into it? SM: I view fashion as a form of art. I think art is how you express yourself and fashion is the way I express myself. It has always been my thing. I dress how I want to dress and do whatever I want to do with fashion. I decided to go for it.


CA: What made you decided to start this fashion blog? SM: I’ve always wanted to do a fashion blog but I was always hesitant. I didn’t know if people were going to look at it. I finally decided to start it because I knew it would be something I would enjoy. It turns out other people are enjoying it too.

CA: Could you explain your process for putting together an outfit to shoot for the website? SM: Honestly, it is whatever mood I am in. Sometimes I will sit and think about what is in my closet and wonder how it will look. If it looks good, I’ll take pictures in it. If not, I keep looking through my closet till I find something that I like, suits my mood, or wherever we are going to take the picture.


CA: How important are accessories to an outfit in your opinion? SM: Accessories make or break an outfit. I am sure you have seen people with accessories that makes you go “why did they put that on?”. It is the finishing touch to the outfit. To me an outfit is everything from head to toe, the way I style my hair to the color my nail polish is. It is everything.

CA: Are there any particular techniques you use to assemble your attire? SM: I don’t if people notice but my style is kind of simple. Minimalism is kind of my thing so it is not hard to mess that up. I just kind of throw things together, every once in a while throw some print and color in there. For the most part, I stick to neutrals and basics. I just throw things together and if it works, it works. If not, whatever *laughs*.


CA: If not, how do you feel about rules when it comes to coordinating an outfit? SM: There are no rules in fashion. You do what you feel is right and you wear what you are comfortable with. I believe there are rules when it comes to certain body types wearing certain things. Other than that, people can make anything work for them.

CA: You are looking into your closet, what are the must haves in your opinion in regards to items of clothing to create a solid wardrobe in your opinion? SM: A white tee, a black tee, skinny pair of jeans, boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a pair for heels.


CA: Explain your love for men’s fashion and the “boyfriend” outfits you enjoy rocking so much? SM: I don’t know why but I love buttoning shirts all the way up. If I could I would wear men’s shirts every day and button them all the way up. I would also wear boyfriend jeans and sneakers. I have been contemplating gearing my style more towards street style. It is because it is something I am comfortable with and I know it is something I can do. It would also be me embracing my love for men’s fashion and wearing men’s clothes.

CA: In comparison to men’s clothes, what can make women’s clothes more comfortable? SM: Women’s fashion will never be comfortable. Sometimes you have to pay the price to look good.


CA: I feel like you find hidden gems in stores like Target, Gap, and Forever 21. How do you decide an item is a good purchase to add to your rotation? SM: I gravitate towards basics first and then I start weeding it out. I already have something like this (have a plain black tee shirt or a plain white tee shirt). From there,  I look for statement pieces or look for things I don’t have anything like that. I don’t buy something and then think of it with one outfit. I try to find ways for me to wear it more than once.

CA: Are there any fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs you read to keep up to date in regards to the trends? SM: I don’t stay up to date with fashion. I kind of do my own thing. I do check blogs but it isn’t really for fashion but more to learn how to improve my blog.


CA: Outside of fashion, what other interests do you have? SM: I love photography, movies (huge movie buff), music (learned how to make beats last year), and food.

CA: What makes doing your blog so enjoyable for you? SM: I have loved fashion for so long and I get to share it with other people. It is also something people said I should do. Seeing people enjoy it and tell me how proud of me they are seeing me progressing with my blog makes it enjoyable for me.

CA: Where do you see the blog in five years?

SM: I would love for my blog to become my career. I would to blog for a living.


CA: What is the best advice you would give someone to start working on their own fashion website? SM: The one quote I live my life by is “never give up, always stay strong”. No matter what you do never give up and stay strong. Be yourself and be genuine. People will recognize when you are not being yourself. I have seen that a lot in bloggers where they are doing things to please other people instead of doing what they love. Rock your own style whether it be basics or couture gowns for all I know. Do you and people will love it.

Follow Melody on her IG: @stylesofmelody and her blog

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