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Brand Profile: MovementBago

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: What does Tobago Tobago (or MovementBago) stand for?

MB: MovementBago is all about Tobago, I know a lot of people are quite familiar with Trinidad but are a lot less aware of the other half of the Twin island republic, so MovementBago has really been my effort to put Tobago on the map.

CA: And is there a motto or phrase that best represents your brand? MB: Paradi$e Capital I believe is the phrase that best represents my brand because that’s exactly what Tobago is, the capital of paradise..with a little twist of course.

CA: Now, I know you’ve seen other brands developing themselves, probably future competition. What do you feel sets your brand apart from everyone else? MB: What sets my brand apart from the others is that the idea is original, I don’t think there has been anyone else that has tried to make a streetwear brand based off of Tobago because, generally speaking, Tobago has never really been viewed as somewhere that was cool or overly popular but I think I’ve managed to spin it in a way that makes it cool and that makes people want to show off where they are from.


CA: What do you feel is the biggest asset that you guys have right now? MB: Probably the originality and the ideas that inspire the line, and a growing following.

CA: And the biggest challenge you have as of right now? MB: Balancing school and a growing brand is pretty challenging since this is essentially a one-woman show, but I would have to say shipping is what I have been most unlucky with, dealing with lost packages and stuff like that gets pretty frustrating, but you learn to deal with it.


CA: What made you get into Apparel design and Production? MB: I’ve always loved things that were fashion and style related but I honestly never saw myself seriously pursuing it until I had this idea.

CA: Give us an idea of the work that goes in to the production of an item. What is the normal process from design idea to final product? MB: Well usually something that I see inspires me or an idea just comes to mind and I get on and play with different things until I get a few options that I like and then I usually show the rough drafts to a couple of my close friends just to get some feedback. Depending on their feedback I probably make some changes, most times I just go with what I like and then I send the designs off to the print-shop.

CA: What has been the most rewarding experience so far? MB: About a month after I launched in Tobago I donated $5000TT of proceeds from T-shirt sales to a local school for children with disabilities. For most people that’s probably a pretty crazy thing to do for a business that just getting off the ground but I just wanted to start myself off with a blessing.


CA: Describe your customer, what type of person shops online or meets with a representative for your brand? MB: I think someone that wears MovementBago is a happy and care-free kind of person living that island life or at least wanting to. Tobago is an island that’s known for its slow pace and laid back vibe and I think that’s the kind of lifestyle that attracts people to my brand.

CA: Where do you see this brand going in 5 years? MB: Well I’ll still be making t-shirts as long as I’m having fun but I hope that it can continue to grow internationally. I’m not trying to wait on somebody famous to wear it and make it popular; I’m focusing more on trying to reach people


CA: What is the best advice you can give someone with a strong desire to create a brand? MB: Be creative and original, make something that you can be proud of knowing that it was all created by you.

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