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Sneaker Wishlist 2017

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

New year, new kicks in the closet. I haven’t been into the sneaker realm as deeply as my peers and siblings. Luckily for me, I can still spot some sneakers that have fuego colorways and fit a wide range of outfits. These six sneakers are definitely on my hit list for this year to cop to add to my growing shoe collection. Let’s see if you see any you would want to add to your rotation. Enjoy!


Adidas Tubular X

The first time I saw the Tubular X, I was instantly hooked. I can honestly say this is a shoe I hardly see on the streets of NYC but when I do it is a memorable experience. This colorway in particular makes the shoe have a certain pop. The laser red has been a go to color for sneakers for the past two years (and I don’t see that going away any time soon). Hopefully I can purchase this before it is sold out.

Reebok Question Mid OG Blue Toe

It’s funny how time changes taste in style. I remember growing up if you weren’t wearing Jordans, people would clown you. To be honest, I feel I was among the rare few who enjoyed the Question sneaker. I enjoyed all of the sneakers Allen Iverson wore but this sneaker was distinct. You cannot be careless when building an outfit with these sneakers. The fit can go from amazing to weak quickly with the wrong composite of pieces. For $140, this is definitely above my budget for sneakers but how often can I rock the sneakers of my favorite player to ever play basketball. I am buying for nostalgia alone at this point.

Nike Air Presto

I saw on the TL on twitter this shoe with this colorway, I was convinced this shoe is the one to take over for the Roshe and Huarache on Nike. Pretty sure I saw my dad have a sneaker like this when I was younger. I definitely don’t appreciate the older styles of sneakers in the hay day because there were some gems out there. This shoe probably feels like you are walking on a cloud but that cloud is a Lamborghini. Ideally, I would get this shoe in this colorway but the Presto has been added to Nike ID (which means ANY color is within my grasp). I’ll save my coins to do this later in the year to enjoy my custom sneaker.

Nike LeBron Witness

This is the second Nike shoe on the list and for good reason. I feel the simple design for the LeBron Witness connects with my minimalist style. The recent Lebron sneakers are becoming sleeker which in my opinion makes them easier to wear in casually. PrimeKnit seems like a wave most sneaker companies are embracing and I have to say it adds another dimension to sneakers in regards to the visuals. This is a lower tier LeBron sneaker (hovering around $100) so this look for this price is a solid bargain. I am definitely copping these when I finish adulting in life (heavy sigh).

Puma Suede Classic

If you have watched The Get Down, you will notice a high correlation of this sneaker showing up more frequently after the show aired on Netflix. I love the simplicity of this shoe and as people are studying how to make great outfits you will want shoes that can go with anything. The price tag is favorable on this as well (around $70-80) so you can grab this easily while not killing your wallet too much.

Nike LeBron Soldier 10

In another life, I was a Nike sponsored athlete. This shoe right here is probably the coolest ball sneaker out. All of LeBron’s sneakers are solid because they are built for a unique human being. At his height with his weight and speed, you need a strong shoe that can withstand all types of abuse. I need new sneakers for the gym and the courts At $140, this price maybe steep but well worth the wear and tear it will go through for your style on and off the court. Match this with the Nike Tech Suits and you have a solid outfit for any day of the week.

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