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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Mar 5th – 11th

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In our fourth edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup, it is the fellas holding it down this week (Domo will be back next week). If you want to give provide some input, definitely reach out to me directly! Hopefully you and enjoy this week’s segment.



This show is getting quite predictable which saddens me a bit. Queen Latifah as always is the show’s MVP. Her character has undergone a major transformation due to the group’s constant energy they provide in the shop. I honestly thought Quincy’s character was killed off the show but learning he will never walk again provides a similar feeling. Quick question. Do condoms actually work on this show or do these characters use faulty brands? We have another character pregnant to be a plot device. While I grow tired of the main storyline, the side storylines of Cotton’s journey to transition has me captivated. The money she worked hard for was stolen by her roommate and now she has to quickly get the money back. It is saddening to know what she has to do to get the money for her surgery. I do see this ending badly for her in this season or early next season. My final point to focus on was the incident of domestic violence depicted on this show. While it “humanizes” the aggressor, we realize how toxic this relationship is for Star. ~ @SkipFromBk


I love when shows can poke fun at themselves. It is like a subtle breaking of the 4th wall in a way. This show revolves around the lack of representation black people face in the world of toys. It was laughable how the only two black dolls was a slave and a civil rights protestor. Now wait for it. In reality, this isn’t too far from the mark. Dre and Rainbow go nuclear to prove the point of needing greater representation and realize in typical Black Ish fashion about doing too much. While this is a comedy show, we need more diversity in toys. I do not mean for black people solely. I mean for all shades and all cultures. Little boys and girls should be able to walk into a store to find someone like them to relate for comfort. Solid episode for sure. ~ @SkipFromBk

Shades of Blue

I would be lying if I were to say I didn’t miss this show. The only reason is the work of Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta we are the characters with the most presence on this show. Every scene that does not contain one of these characters is usually a weak one. The relationship between Harlee and Wozniak has changed since last season’s cliffhanger. Season one, these two acted like father and daughter. Now, it is like a family at odds with each other. Everyone is at each other’s throat which will have people on edge in the beginning of this season. Eventually Harlee and Woz will have to team up again to come out on top. The path to get there will be murky. ~ @SkipFromBk

24 Legacy

Just when you think you have things sort of figured out 24 takes it somewhere else. Carter gets the location of Jadalla but they were too late and he escaped already. Amira was having second thoughts on executing her terrorist attack with brother Khasan so much that she convinces David to take his gun and escape. All hell breaks lose and David kills Khasan and Amira ends up killing David for killing her brother (wth?!!!!!). Now Amira has to execute the attack all on her own. She has to drive a truck full of explosives on the George Washington Bridge and detonate the bombs while inside of the truck. Luckily for CTU Amira’s dad escapes from being tied up and warns CTU of his daughter’s plan. CTU gets an officer who is managing one of the booths on the bridge to shoot Amira in the head to stop the attack. Unfortunately he didn’t kill her and she still detonates the bomb and hundreds of people die. What makes matters even worse is that Jadalla kidnaps Carter’s wife and brother and won’t release them until Carter finds a way to decrypt Jadalla’s hard drive so he can find the rest of the sleeper cells and execute even more terrorists attacks. Like I said in previous weeks Monday’s will never be the same again. ~ @BelleNeg

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