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Dave | A Popcorn & Cornflakes Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What's that?! Another review of a dope TV show? Yes, we are back with a review on Dave which is a show on FXX . Our star is Lil Dicky and Executive Producer is Kevin Hart with numerous cameos from the industry. Trust me, my expectations were low but this delivered.

Credit: FXX

Dave is a show based around Lil Dicky's rise to fame in the rap world. This first season is a light binge but is designed with the creative in mind. A ton of situations pop up that people who create content know far too well. They struggle with placing value on their work and finding people to help get them into bigger doors. We all know someone that knows someone that can connect someone as a "favor". One area that is prevalent is how Dave deals with mental health and his interpersonal relationships while he is chasing a dream.

The guest cameos happen quite often and they still manage to fit in the scheme of things. Young Thug and Gunna in a scene being themselves at an art event was truly something to see. We also get to see Trippie Red with his eccentric process in the studio in full display. The usage of the cameos were not for fluff at all. This is aspects of the music industry that upstarts can take in quite nicely.

In addition, we have characters like GaTa and Elz (Taco from Odd Future) who have shown to have a presence in their roles in the show. GaTa's performance rivals that of Lakeith Stanfield in Atlanta and I expect him to be on more shows in the future. You will probably say that I am a bit ludicrous with my take but once you see a certain episode where GaTa shines, you will get on the bandwagon for sure.

Credit: FXX

To wrap it up, I saw myself quite often in Dave's character throughout the season. I am still trying to figure out my own process and building my team to stay on point in my journey. It gets hard at times. The end goal is remains the same. We all want to succeed and do it on our own terms. The creative path can be long and grueling. I would strongly suggest to my peers to take some time to watch this show. It could inspire some things within you to let you know, what you want is not crazy at all.

You can watch Dave on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and FXNow. Season 2 has been approved and should be on the way for 2021.

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