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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Mar 12th – 18th

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In our fifth edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup, we have Domo checking in and Jeff off this week. If you want to give provide some input, definitely reach out to me directly! Hopefully you and enjoy this week’s segment.


This episode makes Rainbow’s pregnancy the focal point and how it affects both her career as well as Dre’s. I feel it interesting how unfair it is to women to have to choose between having a family and have a career. Rainbow loses the partner position due to her rival having no family life and no love life. She is available for every shift from Valentine’s Day all the way to Mother’s day. I do see how crucial an episode like this is for people to watch. In the lost, Rainbow does find a way to be a vital resource to the company. Dre has never taken paternity leave for any of his kids. The only time he was home for the offspring was during his time unemployed.  Dre goes through the episode coming to a realization he needs to be more supportive of his wife in rearing his next of kin. The third storyline of Ruby and the kids trying to get rid of the nanny was truly hilarious. When the kids get together, it can truly be an amazing thing. The “thief” turned out to be Dre and it was pretty much a great way to alleviate the nanny of the blame. ~@SkipFrombk


STAR: Pictured L-R: Brittany O’Grady, Ryan Destiny and Jude Demorest in the “Showtime” season finale episode of STAR airing Wednesday, March 15 (9:01 PM – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Carin Baer/FOX

To say this finale was underwhelming would sum it up quite nicely. Did the girls win the competition? Of course. Do you honestly care they won? Not really. The stacks were only high this season when they were looking for the murdered for Simone’s foster dad. I think that was genuinely the only time I was on edge this entire season. That was solved by detective Carlotta (she should really be a detective) in unbelievable fashion. Cotton getting arrested on the operating table was heartbreaking. I wonder how her storyline will be in season two. Hunter continuing to do domestic violence on Star was a bit too much for me to digest. Luckily, Simone comes to save the day. The deaths and plot twists were predictable. I am not looking forward to the next season outside of figuring out what Alex will do with the baby. It is difficult to try to be a superstar singer and quality mother. ~@SkipFromBk

New Girl

This episode was hilarious due to all three storylines bring quality heat. First, Nick and Reagan’s relationship only functions due to Jess playing the third wheel effectively. Cece brings this to her attention and begins to realize how unhealthy that relationship is for her. She is literally both Nick and Reagan’s GF and Jess needed to free herself. Honestly, Jess has always been my least favorite character in this show but this season she has evolved quite a bit. Her screen time doesn’t annoy me as much as it used to before. When Jess leaves, you can see the cracks in Nick and Reagan’s relationship fester at an alarming rate. I can see a finale with them breaking up. Winston and Aly are a cute couple. Delving more into each other’s past was a great storyline to develop. Winston not realizing he told Aly everything about him is even more amusing throughout the episode. CeCe and Schmidt living on their own was a wonderful display of transition to “real” adult life. Once Schmidt’s assistant brought all the data about their neighborhood, the new homeowners went a little crazy to secure the house. Also, how is Jess infiltrating the house at will. That bit was so left field, I was laughing every time to be quite honest. I see everyone in some shape developed further in their character arc. We are quickly approaching the finale. Cannot wait for the surprises in store. ~@SkipFromBk

Shades of Blue

As anticipated, J-Lo’s character has went from primary force to a little bit on the sidelines. The Woz and Stahl battle with involve her but this episode was a contest between two men with huge egos. I enjoy the mind games in this episode because like Woz was alluding to about the world crashing down around them. This is only episode two by the way! The pace is completely different from season one. Season one was more methodical. We have an edgier vibe to this season and we can feel the stakes getting higher as we move along. I do see Harlee (J-Lo) progressively coming back into focus as a force as the season carries on.

Being Mary Jane

We left last episode with Lee’s ex WILDIN for respect, asking for her ex-husbands and Mary J’s new boo to be her egg donor.   And homeboy actually needed to think about it! I’m surprised Mary Jane didn’t run for the hills, but maturity.

Kara is a damn fool. She just cant seem to shake off her fear of being played, and played herself by breaking up with Orlando. It’s understandable to be concerned and even skeptical that a playboy can change their ways, but I honestly think Orlando is coming from a good place. Yes, he gets a bit tipsy, but you can tell he honestly cares for not only her, but her kids, and is ready for the grown up relationship. Looks like Kara is the one who needs some growing up to do.

Meanwhile, the games are firing up at the network as Justin makes a ploy to get Rhonda to take the bait for a story that will put her out of the country, and put Mary Jane in that anchor spot. Rhonda tries to throw her off the game by suggesting that Mary Jane isn’t ready and shouldn’t be a contender for the chair, but Mary Jane scores 1 on Rhonda as she cunningly gets the spot anyway. Not to be undone, Rhonda does what she does best – snatches hopes & dreams and leaves Mary Jane in the dust as she flies back in the nick of time to boot her out of her chair. Oh, let us not forget that Mary Jane has finally fallen to the baby blues eyes that is Justin. Dammit girl we were doing so good leaving the light-skins alone! ~@DomyBoo

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