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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Feb 26th-Mar 4th

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In our third edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup, I have the Pink Lip Bandits reunited for this article (@Belleneg and @Domyboo on twitter/instagram). Domo is taking control of Being Mary Jane on this one. Also, a few shows didn’t air this week due to President Trump speech in front of congress. If you want to give provide some input, definitely reach out to me directly! Hopefully you and enjoy this week’s segment.



I have to admit my interest in this show is duly connected to the presence of Queen Latifah and the music the girls created together. The rest is a bunch of predictable plot twists and fake surprise moments. Let’s see. The group comes together when they have no choice but to work as a unit to make it to the next round. They make it the next round. Eva’s inclusion to the group was another elaborate trick. I can map out certain aspects of the show two-three weeks in advanced. While the girls are coming together, the strongest moment of the episode was when we find out Cotton’s father was on the show all along (Jahil our scumbag manager for the girl group). This needs to be stated again. Any scene that contains Queen Latifah will possess heartfelt emotion and will make you remember why you watch the show. For Alex and her BF being caught up in a car accident, it is quite unfortunate. We never see the darker skin girl with a fair skin counterpart as a love interest. I do appreciate the range of complexions within the show itself as well as the girl group. The major thing is she is in the most function romantic relationship on the show. Aside from things here and there, I don’t want it to end so soon. We will see what happens to everyone next week. ~ @SkipFromBk

New Girl

Even though this was sort of a filler episode I feel like a lot things are being set up to happen for the season finale. In this episode, Jess becoming principal had a few minor setbacks. The children no longer confide in her and see her as a cool person anymore. In an attempt to regain her coolness, she asks Nick to come speak to her students since they’re addicted to the Pepperwood Chronicles and he’s the author. This is mutually beneficial for them both. Nick is having writer’s block so he uses the students as his own personal focus group at all times of the day so no one is going to class. The students start believing Principal Jess is cool again but they lose all respect for her. Jess then scolds everyone and realizes she can’t be an effective and impactful principal if she’s cool so she’d rather be respected.

Jess constantly reaffirms Nick whenever he’s down or doesn’t believe in himself enough to make the right career moves. Reagan does none of this. It’s only a matter of time before Nick realizes this and breaks up with Reagan and possibly gets back together with Jess. At the moment, I’m not sure that is something I’m looking forward to. ~ @BelleNeg

On the flipside, we have the Schmidt plot about his “perfect” assistant and Winston realizing his cat is living a double life. While these two storylines weren’t important in the slightest, it does display different dynamics to each character. We are used to Schmidt being the lynchpin in the group with his organization skills due to some traits of his OCD. To experience a character more zany and over the top makes you appreciate how “regular” Schmidt is comparing the two side by side. Winston finding his cat had a double like made you realized how careless he can be with his pet. I forgot he had a cat some episodes (I had to really think when was the last time we saw that cat as a plot device). His full circle moment was thwarted by Schmidt’s assistant thankfully. I do hate how CeCe is regulated to being an afterthought in the recent string of episodes. ~ @SkipFromBk


Riverdale — “Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!” — Image Number: RVD106b_0040.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserve

This episode is truly embodying the Archie comic book series. We have the mystery aspect to it as well as the musical component involving the Pussycats (and Archie Andrews). Our two plot lines have Archie/Betty/Veronica/Jughead going out their own ways to showcase the chemistry they have with other characters on the show. It does a fantastic job of implicating Veronica to the Pussycat Dolls. Granting Veronica the ability to sing makes her character more versatile to blend in numerous storylines in the future. Betty and Jughead with their detective skills bring us one step closer to finding out who killed Jason Blossom. Archie is now on team chocolate. For now. We will see how long he lasts dating Valerie. I have to say each episode is a fun ride and features a majority of the characters undergoing more development.

Also Jughead and Betty kiss! I wonder how this friendship will progress for the rest of the season.

Just when you think the action is going to stop, 24 keeps it going with even more crazy nonstop sequences. Carter and Grimes secure a meeting with this super secretive arms dealer in order to get a lead on the whereabouts of the terrorists. When they get there, Carter finds out Grimes was lying to him again (rolls eyes). Grimes owes the arms dealer a ton of cash after a deal had gone wrong. The dealer then tells Carter in order for him to do business with him he has to kill Grimes. Carter refuses to do so and states that’s his brother fought in a war with him and would rather die than do such a thing. The dealer respects Carter’s loyalty and agrees to do business with him. Then the dealer kills Grimes anyways (milly rocks in pure ecstasy). Carter then pulls out a gun and demands the location of the terrorists. A crazy shootout ensues and the dealer kills himself rather than snitch to CTU. They look at his laptop to hopefully find some info but the dealer was a smart man and had a failsafe activated to destroy everything if anyone tried to access his laptop without his fingerprint. Carter uses his dead finger to stop the laptop from completely destroying everything. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I finally have a reason to enjoy Mondays again. ~ @BelleNeg

Being Mary Jane

There is a lot going on in this episode, and Mary Jane is getting a taste of how hard the NYC concrete jungle can really be this week. Being tested both personally and professionally, Mary Jane fights to keep the interview she scored with Judge McCallister, all the while preparing to meet Lee’s kids for the first time.

Fueled by her network execs, a rivalry is leaked to the gossip blogs pitting Mary Jane against her idol anchor Rhonda Sales. She doesn’t have time to dwell on that though, because her interview with the judge is about to turn up a notch after Justin reveals some tea. Taking this info with a grain of salt, because you know..its Justin, and doing her own research of course, Mary J decides to take her own approach to the interview. This puts the judge in an uncomfortable spot, and creates an opportunity for Rhonda to cleverly sneak her way in and take over the second half of the interview.

Back home, Mary J’s meeting with the kids start off great. Until the son gets a little too friendly with Mary Jane’s underwear, to the mortification of Lee. Thankfully, cause Lord knows I’m praying for the success of this relationship, things are smoothed over after a Father-Son talk and this can all go away after the children have more interactions with Mary J. Lee FTW again.

Meanwhile poor PJ can’t catch a break. Trying to turn his image around, he runs into his college crush and like the smooth criminal he is, wines and dines her perfectly. But in true Becky fashion, the daughter of PJs boss shows up imposing on his groove.

Falling for the trap, PJ takes his PYT back to the boss’s home, seals the deal only to wake up to his Rolex missing. Let’s all guess who took it. I’ll wait. I hope you aren’t as dumb as PJ, because he accuses his PYT and realizes the real answer a little too late. Luckily for him there are plenty of PYT in NYC.

Better luck next time PJ. ~ @Domyboo

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