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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Feb 12th-18th

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In our first edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup, I will chat about the shows in my rotation. In future editions, I will have more writers discussing their favorite shows and their thoughts on it. If you want to give provide some input, definitely reach out to me directly! Hopefully you and enjoy this new segment.



Death is a serious thing to deal with in life. It is especially difficult when it is a childhood friend who we have countless memories to recall. This episode showcases how Dre copes with the recent death of his friend who was the glue of the crew. The progression through his pain alongside his friends is great to experience coming from someone who recently lost a friend. Be good to your family and friends because time is precious and nothing is guaranteed. The rest of the cast deals with Bow realizing she isn’t the perfect mom and how she deals with it. I understand mothers get stressed out on needing to be everything. It is super crucial to have a great support system and I see through the laughs, the love is always there.


I feel this show doesn’t get enough attention. It tackles so many issues within the black community (police brutality/transgender issues/mental ailments). The latest episode had a scene with a pastor (played by Tyrese Gibson) trying to “pray the gay away” from the character Cotton (played by Amiyah Scott). It was an intense scene which should be watched by everyone in the black community (in my opinion). On another note, I enjoy the ambience of this show better than Lee Daniel’s other project Empire due to the fact it isn’t over the top every episode. It stays within the realm of tempo in the writing which I think is pivotal for a new show. I do look forward to how the main characters (Star/Simone/Alexandra) continue on their path to become an amazing girl group out of Atlanta. If you haven’t started watching this show, try to give it a chance. It is on every Wednesday on Fox at 9PM EST.

How To Get Away With Murder

What. A. EPISODE. This show is always good with having you at the edge of your seat. We are getting closer to figuring out who killed Wes and I love it. The formula is the same every season but the delivery is always different. I appreciate the flow of this portion of the season. I honestly cannot go too much into my thoughts on this but stay tuned because the next episode is the season finale. Let’s find out together who is the killer.


If you enjoyed the Archie comics, I strongly suggest you watch this show. The modern version of the comicbook series has done a fantastic of the casting and chemistry between the character. According to the writers, this is supposed to be an “origins” story to allow our characters to grow into the person they are meant to be. I look forward to how we see Archie/Jughead/Betty/Veronica evolve over the course of the first season. Riverdale comes on the CW on Thursday at 9PM EST.

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