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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Apr 2nd – 8th

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We took a little break but we are back for our sixth edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup. Leave some comments on your thoughts on this past week’s shows.


The past two weeks Black-Ish has been hot and cold (or cold and hot if we are going in order). The week before this past week had a guest appearance by Chris Brown. I think it was a waste of an appearance and didn’t really help Chris Brown faltering image in the public eye. This episode makes up for it with the interaction between Junior and Zoey. We hardly get episodes showcasing their relationship and I think it is crucial to do so before Zoey’s departure. Zoey is a great big sister despite her outwardly deposition to her siblings. In this episode, Junior takes some substances which have him in a “higher” state of consciousness. People would assume Zoey would act like she doesn’t know her brother. She goes against the grain to take care of her brother.

This episode depicts the complexities of young adults in their drive for being cool yet caring for their loved ones. On the flipside, Dre is taught that parents are not perfect beings. They do make mistakes and they do act outside of our outline of them. It brought Pops and Ruby into a different looking glass in regards to how they cared for their children. They both did what was necessary to groom the kids to be in the best situation possible. The twins have been relegated to bit parts for comedy. While I did enjoy it, I hate to see them limited in action when they are gems for the show. ~@SkipFromBk

Shades of Blue

This show gets messier and messier as the season progresses. The subtle vibe in this episode is the groundwork for future betrayal. Last season was about Woz and Harlee coming to the end where the trust is broken. Now, we are seeing other members of the team being shaken by the Internal Affairs officer roaming the halls. It is fascinating to see how the personalities are changing for everyone due to the presence of one person. Everyone is on edge and on their toes. This means someone is bound to make a mistake at some point.

Stahl is keeping closer to the truth of Harlee killing her ex. It is all happening under her nose due to so much being added to her plate. This can only create a situation of Harlee being backed into a corner and performing a desperate maneuver. Honestly, I feel it is a race of who is going to rat out who first. My bets on the rookie cop. ~@SkipFromBk


This episode has numerous plots going on revolving around the core subject which is family. Detective Villa is reconnecting with her brother who seems to be more help than anticipated. He has a deep connection to their childhood neighborhood and pieced together clues to assist in the case. I can only imagine his role on the team increasing as this season progresses. Also, Rosie’s father returns to provide support for the liver surgery. It has been a long time since we have seen him. The family coming together to provide was a nice touch to a serious situation.

We clearly know the main character never dies in the show (unless it is Game of Thrones). To see a character who was becoming a beloved part of the ensemble appear to die was a bit typical. The pacing of the show sometimes make the plot predictable. However, if this particular character dies I wouldn’t be surprised. ~@SkipFromBk

24 Legacy

Your boy is back giving the fire takes about the hottest shows on earth!!!! So as the plot thickens the major players start to reveal themselves. So apparently Jadalla’s father is not dead and now the reunited father and son have kidnapped senator John Donavan and threaten to kill him unless his wife former director of CTU Rebecca Ingram gives herself up to them. They want to exact revenge since she technically already killed Ibrahim (Jadalla’s father) already. Rebecca enlists the help of Eric Carter to bring her to the terrorists to free her husband and secretly kill all the terrorists or die trying. Everything went well like John getting released, Eric killing Jadalla but Ibrahim kidnapped Rebecca. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. ~@BelleNeg

New Girl

Pretty much everything I predicted came to fruition. Nick finally manned up and broke with Regan and Jess came back to LA to confess her love for Nick. The only problem was Jess tried to surprise Nick at his book signing (which creates an awkward situation). Nick sort of revealed he would never get back together with Jess which causes her to run out. He said he would never get back with her because she would probably never forgive him from their past dealings. Jess being Jess decides to secretly move out of the loft while Nick is simultaneously looking for Jess all over the city because he realizes he loves her. They finally meet up and to confess their love for another to proceed to make out in the elevator. Oh did I forget to mention Cecelia is pregnant?! It’s beautiful that Nick and Jess are back together, Winston is getting married to Allie, and Schmidt (I will never call him by his real first name Winston) and Cece are having their first child. What sucks is this feels like the perfect setup for the next and final season. ~ @BelleNeg

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