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Popcorn & Cornflakes | Weekly Roundup – Apr 23rd – 29th

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Introducing this week’s edition of Popcorn & Cornflakes Weekly Roundup. Leave some comments on your thoughts on this past week’s shows!


Brooklyn Nine Nine

This was the most enjoyable episode so far this season. It feels like we are back to the previous seasons and it was refreshing. BMX heroin ring? I had to laugh because it sounds straight out of Grand Theft Auto. The vibe felt like a high school graduation where everyone is reminiscing in case they never see each other again. If this was the season finale, I would have been comfortable knowing it ends on such a good note. I did glance at the remaining episodes and curious about the direction for the latter half of this season. If this is the last season, I hope they end this off with a bang.

Shots Fired

I have no idea how many times I have to say this about the show. WATCH THIS SHOW! We have past the halfway point of this limited series. The development of the numerous storylines is painting a picture of a powder keg finale. We have corruption within the police force which is now connected to the Governor’s office. As we continue, this show is a slow winding masterpiece being created in front of our eyes.


It is unfortunate this show was moved to a time slot where most people will overlook it. I think Morris Chestnut has a natural charisma you can’t replicate. This season finale leaves a lot to digest. People are getting married, moving to other cities, and dealing with unrequited love. I always hate how this show ends because it creates more questions than it answers. Might not season a third season but I do feel Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz exhibit an authentic onscreen chemistry.

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