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Podcast of the Week | The Liberation Project

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


This week, I bring to you The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood.

As all-inclusive as I would wish to be, this is a podcast that is mainly geared towards men. Mainly. However, I was told about this podcast by a female friend of mine who listened to an episode they had about faith. I figured I would give a few episodes a try during a flight over the weekend, and was pretty entertained. If you’re a non-male listener, there’s still much to be gained from listening as the two hosts cover a wide range of topics.

The most recent episode is ‘The 10 Absolutes for Romance’ and deals with a wide range of topics. These include not having an agenda when it comes to making your partner loved, to exploring your partner and on the far end of the spectrum, wanting to equally Tonya Harding all the friends who have done her wrong.

By the way, I’m always looking for podcasts to listen to so feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments. Between making playlists for my Tinder matches and telling my Amazon Echo to discreetly play Taylor Swift’s 1989 as background noise there’s a void that can be filled by an awesome podcast.

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