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Podcast of the Week | Embedded

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’re addicted to audio. When I shower, I play music or podcasts. On the way to work, I play music or podcasts. As I fall asleep, I play music, or … well, you get it. I listen to a podcast. Unfortunately, finding good music as you get older becomes just a bit harder, and the same can be said for a decent podcast. The Internet is full of podcasts, especially interesting ones, but not everyone has 30+ minutes to try out a new one just to determine they don’t like it.  Like most things that we ‘discover’, it’s by word of mouth and you’re in luck because I’m that guy bothering you about that thing that I like that you just need to check out.


This week’s podcast is from NPR. Embedded is a fairly new podcast with only nine episodes available, but if you’re a fan of other NPR podcasts then you know to expect quality, informative episodes.

The League‘ is their most recent episode, and it follows the NBA’s minor league, the D-League. If you’re a fan of basketball and the NBA this is worth checking out to follow the path that some players take to make it to their ultimate dream.

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