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Ladies, Where is the Love?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

This post was a long time coming. I honestly wished I posted after the episode of Being Mary Jane aired which inspired this piece…..but life happened. In Episode two of the newest season Being Mary Jane, we are introduced to the woman who has been Mary’s idol in the broadcasting world. Unfortunately, the job Mary Jane desires is occupied by the very idol she studied in her academic days. At first, we assume being that two black women in an environment predominantly occupied by white faces would come together to work to build each other up. This happens at first until things go way left. Before we get to the why, let’s observe it from the beginning.

Mary Jane is offered a position as a correspondent for the morning show Great Day USA. Her aspirations is to get the anchor chair for this show. To get there, she must supplant her idol in the process. Everyone dreams of working with the idol which causes MJ to want to develop a mentor-student relationship with Ronda Sales (MJ’s idol). At first, everything is fine. Until we realize Ronda has no intention of leaving her position for five years. I have to say, the part that intrigues me about Ronda is when she stated management will try to pit these women together. Alas, the tension builds because MJ is desperately looking for a work around to get the chair for the morning show.

“Being Mary Jane” episode 401 – Valarie Pettiford as Ronda Sales. (Photo: BET)

The question I have to ponder aloud, ladies where is the love? Is this a common thing in the office place or just something for TV? I think it maybe due to the one job two women inducing this tension. Aside from that, I do enjoy the new direction Being Mary Jane is going this year. The first couple of seasons focused on the family which displayed MJ living for everyone but herself. I think being in a new city and having a new challenge will bring about more character development for MJ (as well as Kara).

Let me know your thoughts when you get the chance?

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