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Intro to Cuisine: Cooking 101

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This past weekend, I went to a cooking class hosted by my friend Joanne (@Top.Nyc). The purpose of this class was to teach couples on the impact of food to your sexual libido. Our course for the day was a quick appetizer which featured an avocado spread on a lightly toasted baguette. Since this was an intro level class, it was straight forward and a pleasant experience. The location Joanne picked also assisted with making the class an intimate experience (as well as the white wine everyone was drinking). One of the things Joanne mentioned during the course was why she wanted to do this for people. She wants to help people learn more about cuisine who do not have the access to the fancy restaurants. It would essentially be bringing the art of cooking to the people to empower them to expand their repertoire in the kitchen.

To be frank, this was my first cooking class. It is tragic when I think about it but I am not surprised. The privilege to live in a city such as New York City means at times, you have too many options. It is important to be more mindful of the type of substances we place in our body. This is crucial since we only have one body (unless Get Out because a real thing). I look forward to more courses from the maestro in the kitchen known as Top NYC. For more, please follow her on instagram on @Top.NYC.

Our chef and sensei for this course, Joanne (@Top.NYC)

Initial setup for our cooking course

Our baguettes before they enter the oven

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