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Skip’s 5 Go-To Apps for Productivity

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We are officially one month into 2017 and solidifying our foundation for the rest of the year. I am a person constantly on the go and I use these five apps to make sure I hit my goals on a daily/weekly basis. Here is a rundown of my core 5 apps for productivity. Hopefully you find something that helps you out. Enjoy!



Everyone needs a franchise player in the form of an app. This is that app for me. Everything in my life that I plan for is in this app. I can access all of the lists/files/notes on any of my devices. This is quite helpful when one of them die or can be out of reach. I can be making changes on my iPhone and glancing at the notes on my iPad or Macbook later in the day. The versatility of this app has me gushing while explaining it to you (literally gushing). Without this app, I am pretty sure I would never get my tasks/goals done as efficiently as I would desire. If productivity is the aim, you need to have this app in your starting five pronto.


I am addicted to being healthy. ADDICTED TO IT. I am sure I drive my friends crazy with my competitive nature in getting in the best shape possible. The best purchase I have done in regards to my productivity in the realm of health and fitness has been the Fitbit. This product along with their online support is tremendous to me holding myself accountable in all things that pertain to my body. I have increased my daily consumption of water and even track the day to day changes to my body using the Fitbit Aria scale (solid purchase). All of the data is in one place for you to analyze to tweak your day to day habits to be a better you. For those people who are screaming new year new me, please get one of the Fitbit products and get focused on it!


Major shoutout to my close friend Jomo who put me on to this app. I thoroughly enjoy apps that have great user interface online as well as mobile. This is for people who like to gamify their day to day level as if it were an RPG. Yes. Everything you do helps your character gain experience points as if you are playing Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. This is similar to Wunderlist but it holds you accountable for not completing tasks in a timely matter. You even lost health at the end of the day for not completing the task you say you would. For the video game lovers, this is the app for you to get things done and have fun doing it.

Marco Polo

Another friend of mine (waves hey Yaya) reached out to me to test out this app titled Marco Polo. I love trying out new apps and this helped solve a problem for people with large friend groups to video chat (in a way). Marco Polo allows you to record videos to your friends for them to see at the same time. Think of it like group messaging with video capabilities. I can catch up to the videos and be in the loop after watching the clips. Great way to shift of the repetition of texting and helps greatly with great projects when you can’t meet face to face often. I strongly suggest this app to people who work in large groups with their members in different parts of the country.


I am sometimes bad at budgeting. I know this for a fact. This year I sat down and worked on my monthly budget with my old friend mint. Mint is great because all of your information from all of your accounts are on one platform. Your bills and purchasing history let’s you know why you are broke so quickly at times. I have delved deeper and learned more about the nifty functions the mobile app and desktop website have for the day to day person. If you want to get to the next level financially and get out of debt faster, be sure to download this help. Trust me, it is like the annoying aunt who asks you why you asking for money all the time. No one likes that aunt. Have Mint be that aunt and get your money in order.

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