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Get Out | A Popcorns & Cornflakes Review

Updated: May 10, 2020

Get Out



I would be lying to you about wanting to see this movie after seeing the trailer for this during previews. I was sitting in a theater saying to myself emphatically.


Hell no.


Not ever will EYE see this movie.

Boy was I wrong. Due to the movie being released recently (yesterday as of when this article is posted), I need to not divulge too much to make sure people enjoy the movie. (Fun Fact: always be good to your friends because they sometimes bring treats and/or free movie screening tickets to your door step – waves thank you sis).

We have our main character by the name of Chris, who goes away with his white girlfriend to meet her parents. You are probably wondering why I placed an emphasis on the skin color of the girlfriend. Trust and believe me when I say skin color is a vital element to the plot of this movie. It is discussed frequently throughout the movie in the most awkward way possible. It will make you cringe and squirm when you encounter each scene that contains it. I have to admit I feel good about a movie such as this coming out during Black History Month due to how relatable of an experience it would be for me.

On another note, I have to say this is by far the best scary movie due to the subtle messages and realistic way it could happen in real life. Hell, this may be happening in real life. All of the ideas I had walking into this movie were dashed away rather quickly (I would say about 30 minutes into the viewing experience). This is not your typical scary movie. 

Jordan Peele (one half of the amazing comedy duo Key & Peele) was the director and screenplay writer for this work. If you have watched Key & Peele, you can see the underlying messages within this film as you go about the journey. I feel you can come away from this film with a greater understanding of how scary the world can be for a black man amongst numerous white faces. The main character even states: “seeing nothing but white faces makes me nervous/scared”. At every moment, a person who looks like Chris has to control his emotions and actions to stay alive for the next day only to rinse & repeat. It can be exhausting and speaking as a black man this is something I deal with similarly to breathing.

I would love to discuss further in a week or two at length on how amazing this film conveyed the fear Chris experience. Tell me your thoughts on the movie after you have watched it.

Did you love it? Hate it? Leave it in the comments below!

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