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Five Four | July Package Review

Updated: Apr 3

To continue with what I did from the brand profile, I have to say Five Four continues to amaze me. I’ll discuss each piece on how it adds to my growing wardrobe.

The dad hat trend is really gaining steam. While I am not a person who has them in his collection, I appreciate the versatility this service has displayed. Quality wise, this hat was top tier and felt comfortable when I put it on. I did give it away but these guys know how to design and execute a well made product.

As I am writing this post, I am wearing this shirt while I’m traveling. All I can say is “another one” when it comes to a shirt in my main summer rotation of tops. Get this service. Major Key.

Never been a guy who likes stripes on his shirts. The color scheme of red and gray has always been a lowkey fav of mine. I enjoy the blend of this package. It really has changed up the summer look for me.

I haven’t purchased a polo in a while (let’s be honest, I haven’t got one since college). FiveFour you have won me over with this one.

This post is coming around the time my August package is being shipped out. Which means more amazing gear from Five Four in my closet. Totally looking forward to it. Until next time.


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