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Drake | Dark Lane Demo Tapes

Two days after Views' 4 Year anniversary, Drake drops his 7th mixtape titled "Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Before we jump into this project, let's catch up where we previously left off on my last article based on Drake. We ended with More Life, which was Drake's last solo mixtape as well as his status in the game further solidified. Drake had dropped Scary Hours, Scorpion, The Best In The World Pack, and Leak 2020 (Unofficially). During that time, we have more records broken with singles like God's Plan and Nice For What. The discussion around the quality of his work comes into play. Those projects weren't as cohesive as the ones prior. I can safely say that Scorpion is one of my least favorite Drake projects. It was oversaturated with songs that didn't need to be on the album. I did however enjoy Leak 2020 more than that project which isn't saying much. The only exception is Care Package , a compilation album of his best singles that didn't make studio album. Drake fans have been hungry for the next thing from the 6ix god.


Now Drake is known to drop a handful of tracks before his album comes out. We have been speculating Q3 2020 for the sixth studio album. This brings us back to May 1st where Drake drops Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Half of this project has been leaked in some form on the interwebs. With that fact aside, let's go through each track in order on what I consider a perfect lead in for Drake's 6ixth's album which should arrive in June 2020.

1. Deep Pockets - This intro to me isn't the best one Drake has made. I will say it properly sets the tone for what the vibe of the project is going to be. Drake has a dark tone to this mixtape in the beginning and you can tell this feels like we are in the brutal winters of Toronto alongside him. A lyric of note we can focus on "Back when the house that I own now was my home screen" discussing the YOLO Estate in California. Drake was looking for that house for years before he got it in his grasps. His reflective state is bringing us in to remind the fans he appreciates the successes that has come from his lifestyle. This leads into the next track.

2. When To Say When - Our second track samples Jay-Z's Song Cry which is a somber tale of being neglectful to a lover. Drake uses this melody to have a discussion with the listener on what decision are you going to make when it comes to living your life. Will you step up to go out and get what you want? Or will you point your fingers at everyone else making moves living their lives? This is a topic Drake raps about often. He expresses his thanks to his mother Sandra Graham and people like Baby, Wayne, and Tez giving him the opportunity to excel in this industry. Drake refocuses to people who think you will succeed by trying to shrink yourself into spots. You have to be yourself. You have to shine. You cannot be scared of the competition it takes to be one of the few at the top. This is all connected to knowing "When To Say When".

3. Chicago Freestyle feat Giveon - Another track with a sample from a popular song. Chicago Freestyle utilizes Eminem's Superman song in the background. We are still in the grimy vibe portion of this project. Giveon's vocals on this track is a great touch in addition to the piano keys we hear in the chorus. The layers to the audio aspect of this song definitely makes it one of my top 3 on this project. Drake is ready and waiting for people coming for his spot and still having Chubbs pick women that might not be his long time wifey. The 6ix god is doing his best to showcase that he is indeed looking for his female counterpart. He wants to stop doing the meaningless flings and short relationships. His remastering of the original lyrics from Eminem's Superman song reinforces the premise without the aggressive tone Em uses in relation to women. 🦉

"I will split heads and break necks for my little man." Drake

4. Not You Too feat. Chris Brown - Track 4 we have Drake and Chris Brown connect for their second collaboration. This is the in your feels part of DLDT and boy this song showcases these two artists in a magnificent way. Their first collaboration, No Guidance, was a song that was more turn based. One would go and the other would wait in the background. This song is really more of a duet of these men telling the women of the pain and anguish they feel not being close to them. I wouldn't be surprised if this song had these two men thinking of the same lady with the emotional brevity of their vocals. Don't be ashamed if you were reflecting on a past love while listen. We all were. It is ok.

5. Toosie Slide - We have our TikTok single here in Toosie Slide. I will admit I truly did not like this song when I first heard it. The production is what caught me and had me playing this over and over. This song is way more playful than the previous four tracks. We can say it introduces a shift in the mood of the album where it gets somewhat lighter (only for a little bit). The music video is what really sells you on the record. We get our first look at Drake's mansion in Toronto. It is truly a sight to see. The walkthrough with fireworks at the end was reminding us of Drake living his best life with more to come.

6. Desires feat. Future - The Scorpios Brothers are back at it again with the toxicity. You love to hear it. This song is a mid tempo song with Drake and Future crooning about hiding away a woman with an insatiable need for attention from others. You can tell Drake is showcasing some trust issues on this one. This lady sounds like not even a ring will slow her down from her being on the prowl. I will say this is the team up of Drake and Future are not match for the one that comes on later in the mixtape.

7. Time Flies - Drake is getting his bag about getting his fictional girl back after a falling out. This track is a smooth listen and we are noticing the mood is rising up in the production within DLDT. The outro blending the numerous I'm sorry bars and I'm outside in an AMG was a work of audio magic. We hope you got her back Drizzy. This song is in my top 5-7 of the project and I will definitely be revisiting this after my replay days are over.

8. Landed - Braggadocio Drizzy back! Drake is definitely in his best form when he wants to flex on a large scale. We are getting gritty on this track discussing Drake's spending habits and his private plane Air Drake. Yes. The title of the song is about him busting flexes hundreds of miles in the air. Whew. The boy is really out here doing it.

9. D4L featuring Future & Young Thug - This is the Chicago Bulls '98 team up song. D4L is a tribute to the Atlanta group with the same moniker. I never knew I wanted a collaboration involving Drake, Future, and Young Thug. We are in a car chase in Fast and Furious (you pick the number) and this is a wild ride. How the three bounce off each other while showing love to the other members' crews is a blessing to hear. FBG, YSL, and OVO need to do more songs together. We no longer need to ask What's hannenin'? We simply need more of it. D4L is a top 5 song on this project.

10. Pain 1993 - This is the weakest record of the project. Hands down. No disputes on that. Now that we are all on the same page, we have to admit Playboi Carti didn't do a bad job on this song. We could have done without the verse if we are being honest though. I wish this was a song that only had Drake on it because the production is amazing. He would have killed it for sure.

11. Losses - We have a Dennis Graham intro, interlude, and outro on this song. Dennis is a clear indicator this track is going to be absolute 🔥. Do you remember his words on Pound Cake? If not, be prepared for this song for real. Losses is detailing a relationship gone astray. It could be a friendship or it could be romantic one. Whatever it is, Drake is no longer looking for reconciliation. He survived the betrayal and will not give a second chance. When Drizzy gets in his bag with the lost love pieces, it truly hits differently. Every single time. You can feel the pain on every bar he raps on this song. It forces you to look back to a similar situation that hurt you deep. Through that pain, something beautiful manifests. This song is my second one in my top 3 conversation for this album. 🦉

12. From Florida With Love - This is the final selection of my top 3 songs conversation. A great song to follow Losses on this project. We have Kobe and Static Major name drop which hits you in the feels since they are no longer here to see Drizzy's growth. Drake is back into his self-reflective back showing love to YMB, which was the collective that backed him earlier in his career. He won't get caught up being too stuck in the past. 🦉

13. Demons featuring Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek - Fivi, Sosa, Viral, Movie 🔥🔥🔥. Only thing missing was Pop Smoke to bang this song out. I think that is why I can't fully enjoy this song. It haunts us how we missed out on Pop's leap to stardom. This song feels like a homage to the fallen comrade. I know for a fact if we manage to get some shenanigans outside, this will be playing in every club. This is a banger that will be playing in cars all over the North East coast.

14. War - Drake has always been a fascinating person when it comes to sequencing. On Leak 2020, War is the first track we hear. It honestly felt out of place to me whenever I would play the track. Now fast forward a few months, this is the closing track for DLDT. This fits perfectly. I love the way he ends it with the UK flavor following Demons that utilized UK Drill.

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