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Dancehall Artist Shenseea Teams Up Vybz Kartel For “Loodi”

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

By: I.S. Jones

Ahead of the single’s official February 3rd release, emerging Reggae / Dancehall force Shenseea collaborated with Vybz Kartel and magic was made. Although Shenseea is new to the scene, the “Loodi” single has already amassed 6 million views since its release  back in November, which is up from 2 million views in its first two weeks.

According to the media platform ‘DanceHall Hip Hop’, in her interview with OnStage,  the singer did receive flak for collaborating with the Gaza boss: “I must say I gained a lot of fans as well as haters,” she explains. “But I thought I brought something different to “Loodi.” She confirmed that is was So Unique Records who reached out to her management team at Romeich Entertainment for the collaboration.

The daring, sexy lyrics and tone of “Loodi” don’t disappoint. Staying true to the Patwah dialect, the lyrics don’t shy away from risky subject matter: “Anything mi want mi haffi get you cyaan object / You fall in love, faster than love jet / Mi pussy tight fi a likkle browning / And nah straight oxtail with nuh likkle broad bean / Waist small well thinner than a tin a sardine / Mek man get attentive when mi walk in”.

Shenseea has definitely caught the attention of Jamaica as “Loodi” is now the #1 song on the charts and is beginning to make waves here in the states. Check out her other things singles “Reverse” and “Jiggle Jiggle” and her interview with Nightly Fly.

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