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Cove Alpa's Weekly Pod Rotation (June 1st-5th, 2020)

We got some heavy hitters from last week for sure. This has been a week with impactful dialogue from a range of podcasts that should keep you grounded. You are not alone! It is time to tap in on these platforms for sure.


Bonnets & Durags is now dropping on Sundays after Dusk as their new time slot. It is a great way to start the week off. This episode was so raw with conversations with three black mothers and their perspectives of raising children in this country. I think listening as a black man, it was great to hear all of the discussion behind picking the right life partner and what it is so crucial. Simone is coming with a new energy this season and I love where she is taking season 4. Bonnets & Durags is going to have a magnificent year. I can tell for real. To stay in tuned with the podcast, follow on Twitter and Instagram. To keep up with Simone, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


Music is one of the best methods of therapy. I appreciate Armon using this platform to discuss music and play snippets of songs to help heal our communities. It may seem small but actions like that scream loud when it comes to character. A solid episode as usual so tap in. Keep up with Stay Busy with Armon Sadler on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Armon on Twitter and Instagram and Nic on Twitter and Instagram.


What's A Good Guy has leaned into the current events quite nicely. The protest based around George Floyd's death has put a ton of things in perspective for Black Americans. Do we want to have kids in this social climate? If we do, how are we going to prepare them for the world? If you don't, what will you do to support the community. A strong variety of topics covered in this episode. I am proud of LaShawn and Don going there with this dialogue. To keep up with What's A Good Guy, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Don on Twitter and Instagram along with LaShawn on Twitter and Instagram.


It has been a while since I had the Good Brother on this list. His three episodes were a three peat of greatness. Reek starting off expressing enough is enough on the treatment of black bodies in America. We need to take action and support this cause. It is not a way to live. Episode two discussed the history of police which puts things into perspective on what they have become now in society. The third episode was a funny banter one to break up the serious content. Reek does his best on bringing intellect and humor to carry people during the week. One of the rare podcast that post three times a week. It is time for you to be reintroduced to the Original Black Man. The Good Brother. I. Am. Reek! Follow Reek on Twitter and Instagram for more content.


Dominique is back after a short break to give us the double dosage of episodes of Security in Color. The first episode tackles Anonymous reappearances and 5G conspiracy theories. I love Dominique's breakdowns for us non technical folks. She brings such an ease when she goes over the brevity of topics. The second episode tackles the breakdown of cloud deployment and informs us on the direction of businesses moving with their servers. Be sure to add Dominique to your weekly content! To keep up with Security In Color, follow on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow Dominique on Twitter and Instagram.


Rich Vibes and Overdrafts has always been about the funny. This episode was needed during these times. Two women who deal with the impact of being black/brown citizens leaves them on edge. They discussed how it is at work dealing with people who choose to be unaware. The ladies also cover the direction of the movement and what we can do to make a difference. Be sure to listen to this episode and add these ladies to your podcast rotation. Follow Rich Vibes and Overdrafts on Twitter and Instagram. You can also keep up with Jenae on Twitter and Instagram as well as Glory on Instagram.


Daisha and Tori covered #BlackLivesMatter and Sexual Assault that women experience in the community. I have enjoyed these ladies focusing on wines and building their expertise in that area. The focus shifting a little to discuss current events was great to hear. They do get back on their regular scheduled programming. I enjoy the growth of these ladies and this is their first entry in the Weekly Pod Rotation. Add them to your libraries! Definitely give these ladies a listen and follow them on their socials (@LondonAffair & @_GirlfromATL) and their podcast on Twitter & Instagram.


I know we are in trying times but let's lean on each other to bring some peace to our spirits. Be sure to check out the previous articles from Weekly Pod Rotation series within the Lifestyle tab to catch up on the previous batch of podcasts we mentioned from prior weeks. See you next Monday!

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