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Battle of the Binge | A Podcast Journey Vol. 3

It's been a long time since Vol. 2 for Battle of the Binge was posted. We have all new podcasts on our binge list and you should surely find something that fits your need on Vol. 3. The rationale of the why is because I HAVE to listen to it from the start to see the growth of the hosts involved. Every First Friday of the month, I will discuss some of the podcasts I have currently on my Binge List and cover my thoughts on each platform. We are back to present "Battle of the Binge". Enjoy!


This is a relatively new podcast which is a deep dive on various topics by our host Nafisa. Her return to podcasting has created one centered around black & brown millennials figuring life out in various areas of life (professional, personal, physical, spiritual, romantic). I listened to one episode which made me look forward to how she tackles areas that black people need to take seriously. I would consider this self-care with some self-improvement and a side of wit that Nafisa does so well. I strongly suggest you tap in while there are a handful of episodes to make it easy to stay abreast to what Nafisa has coming next. Follow everyday social club on IG.

Remaining Episodes: 8 episodes


Mouse has been strategically building himself up to becoming a solid host on daily programming. It doesn't matter the form (morning time or late night), he has done the work to prove he can handle the responsible. Mouse has hosted numerous events and his podcast content get better each rendition. This limited podcast run called Quarantine Nightly has Mouse covering current events as well as speaking with big name individuals across numerous industries. It has been such a clutch podcast to have on a weekly basis to stay in tune with the culture. If you haven't listened to this platform, it is time to catch up. Mouse is here to stay. Big shout out to his team on helping make this amazing platform (Latasha/Desi/Chey/Rell/Lavan). Follow Quarantine Nightly on IG.

Remaining Episodes: 38 episodes


The TJ Squared podcast has three comedians who detail their journey in comedy and in life together. Nick Trinidad, Julio Rivera, and Julio Diaz are dynamic personalities on this platform. In the early episodes, we are in the beginning of their comedy career. As someone who has a deep appreciation for that art form, an origin story is something you love to witness. It is great they get to work on their concepts on this show. I also enjoy the brotherhood this show displays. If you love comedy, I would suggest you pick up this podcast to listen to during the pandemic. Follow TJ Squared Podcast on Twitter & IG.

Remaining Episodes: 95 episodes


Thank Me Later podcast is an interview platform where Lee speaks with the movers & shakers from all over the city. In the early version of the podcast, Lee had a cohost by the name of Zoe Gawd and it was truly hilarious their time together. I do enjoy Lee's carefree and jubilant manner in how she engages with the guests. It is a safe space where Lee is open to learning and critique while doing her best to give a great interview. Be sure to listen to the past episodes of Thank Me Later Podcast while they are on hiatus. Follow Thank Me Later on IG.

Remaining Episodes: 102 episodes


The Look Out podcast is apart of the RNC Radio Network. This podcast is focused on discussing seasons of anime series. Our hosts Meelz and Jeff start off with Dragonball Super and the Tournament of Power. Their breakdown of the characters as well as their thoughts on the story bring a needed dynamic. We don't have a ton of black voices covering Anime. This has been changing over the last couple of years. I am proud to say Meelz and Jeff are doing a great job adding to the culture. Be sure to follow The Look Out and other RNC Radio Network podcasts. Follow The Look Out RNC on Twitter & IG.

Remaining Episodes: 55 episodes


Cutty and Tahoe were the original hosts for the So Shameless podcast. As the look of So Shameless has changed over the years, one thing has still remained which is Tahoe's willingness to discuss anything. I truly mean anything. The early episodes are a blast to hear Cutty and Tahoe discuss a brevity of topics without censoring their ideals. There are a great amount of episodes from this version as well as the modern version of So Shameless. Follow So Shameless Podcast on Twitter and IG.

Remaining Episodes: 174 episodes


Nico and Abdalla are the host of the Brothers' Podcast. They share their perspective on things that occur in pop culture, sports, music, and day to day life in NYC. These long time friends bring on guests to expand the discussion to gather more view points. I will admit these two speak their mind without fear. It is admirable how they refuse to say things to merely appease others. If you have time, be sure to add Brothers' podcast to your listening session. Follow Brothers' Podcast on IG.

Remaining Episodes: 103 episodes


Syer and Jay were the two hosts in the beginning TOS podcast before Cherry Poppins was added. It is a pleasure to see the growth of these two in their handling of current events and their takes on music. Figuring out the formula and evolving over time is something every podcast works through. I do enjoy this journey and look forward to being all caught up on this podcast. Follow The Officially Street Podcast on Twitter & IG.

Remaining Episodes: 265 episodes


Shankar Vedantam is an excellent storyteller who uses science & data to reveal aspects of human nature people unconsciously do. I am not going to lie but this is my favorite podcast of all of the ones I am binging right now. You learn something new every episode and the run time is under 55 minutes for a majority of them. It is a quick and engaging library which will have you looking at life quite differently. Add Hidden Brain to your rotation and also check out other podcasts from NPR. Follow Hidden Brain on Twitter & IG.

Remaining Episodes: 239 episodes


We have reached the end of Vol 3 of Battle of the Binge. I am hope you found some new podcasts to add to your rotation and please come back next month! I will have newer podcasts to suggest for you. See you next time!

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