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Battle of the Binge | A Podcast Journey Vol. 2

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We are back for Vol. 2 for Battle of the Binge. One of my favorite pastimes is to listen to podcasts from the first episode onwards. The rationale of the why is because I HAVE to listen to it from the start to see the growth of the hosts involved. Every month, I will discuss some of the podcasts I have currently on my Binge List and cover my thoughts on each platform. We are back to present "Battle of the Binge".


I am almost complete with Decoded and it has been such a rewarding experience. This podcast is hosted by Kimble who truly has a gift when it comes to mixing + matching personalities on the show. I strongly recommend this podcast to your rotation for some great laughs and superb dialogue amongst black men and women. Keep up with Decoded on Twitter & Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 8 episodes


I remember when I wrote Vol. 1, it was the beginning of my journey with Stak and Matt. Now that I am reaching the end, their growth has been amazing. They know how to play off each other and their guest have continued to shine each week. To help you deal with no basketball (until July 31st when it returns) be sure to add this podcast to your rotation. Thank me later. Keep up with these guys on Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 6 episodes


Lauren. Mel. Talley. Three comedians with a ton of experiences. I actually met Mel when she was visiting NYC and tested some jokes out at an open mic I host weekly (you know back when outside was legal). She was funny and I have seen her continuous rise through the comedy rankings in ATL. This podcast is balanced with three perspectives that leave me DYING every single time. There are funny women in the world fellas. A ton of them. This podcast has three of them so definitely give them a listen! Follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 3 episodes


I was referred to this podcast by a close friend of mine and it was such a great decision to make. Chántelle and Jae are early in their podcast journey right now and are getting better each episode. It is refreshing to hear so much vulnerability from them on their journey of growth and their willingness to share their experiences with others. I caught myself resonating heavily with a few episodes which forced me to stop and think on past experiences/behavior. If you want to hear from black women who are figuring this life thing out, be sure to follow Space Time & Energy Podcast. Follow the Podcast on Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 1 episodes


We have reached the end of Vol. 2 of Battle of the Binge. I do hope you found some new podcasts to add to your rotation and please come back next month! I will have newer podcasts to suggest for you. See you next time!

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