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Battle of the Binge | A Podcast Journey Vol.1

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

One of my favorite pastimes is to listen to podcasts from the first episode onwards. The rationale of the why is because I HAVE to listen to it from the start to see the growth of the hosts involved. Every month, I will discuss some of the podcasts I have currently on my Binge List and cover my thoughts on each platform. As podcasts are brought to the present, they will be replaced with new podcasts I got on the binge mission. I present to you "Battle of the Binge".


I was introduced to The Wine Down Podcast courtesy of Hash who told me this is content I need to listen too (in addition to the hosts being attractive and funny). What I enjoy about this podcast is how these women bring wine and transparent dialogue together all in one place. Our hosts test out a new wine each week and discuss when that particular drink would best be consumed (or if you should skip it all together). Women always love wine during reading and chilling with the girls so these feels so natural like you are actually chilling with them. They do love to have the male perspective at times and do dives into their thoughts on relationships as well as what they want for themselves as ladies in Atlanta. Their segments touching on twitter gossip | Definitely give these ladies a listen and follow them on their socials (@LondonAffair & @_GirlfromATL) and their podcast on Twitter & Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 21 episodes


Of course, Hash gave me something for the fellas as well. Decoded Pod is a great podcast that features perspectives between Men and Women. This is hosted by Kimble who has a knack from reeling the eclectic personalities to stay on topic and not get too crazy. I love the twitter polls they discuss every episode. It is a great use of the Twitter poll tool and shows you how black twitter leans on some outlandish scenarios. This is a great add on your podcast rotation for great laughs and some solid discussions that need to be had in the black community. Keep up with Decoded on Twitter & Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 39 Episodes


I was all caught up on some of my favorite Basketball podcasts and decided to give All The Smoke a listen. Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson have a great dynamic when talking about the game of basketball. They both have experienced winning on the highest level as well as staying close to the game by watching all of the games. There is something that journalists who have never played the sport at the highest level miss out that these two harness quite well. These two understand the grind of the profession sport world so when they have guest stop by, they get the real deal in those conversations. This can get a bit raw with the dialogue so if you are listening at work be sure to put your headphones in. Keep up with these guys on Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 28 Episodes


Kazeem has been apart of numerous platforms either through his writing ability or his sports expertise. I feel this podcast is a nice culmination of the years of him getting ish done. He has conversations with people from various industries. I am talking wrestling to music to basketball to media. Kaz's conversation style allows you to learn as much as possible from the guest in a short period of time. A great listen and definitely something to hold you over during the Quarantine. Stay tuned with Kaz on his Twitter & Instagram and his Podcast on Twitter & Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 21 Episodes


What happens when you get two dudes from NYC who love Anime/Comics and also enjoy Battle rap? You get The Mighty Metahumans Podcast. Dennis (aka Napp Murdock) and Colton (aka Pizza Parker) are peers of mine who make content. This podcast has been a blast to binge because I have been a nerd growing up myself. It is weird now that being a nerd is a cool thing but these dudes make it hilarious every episode. Their segments are spot on. Let's discuss the Which Power Would you choose. It is pure jokes. Please catch up on this podcast when you get a chance. Keep up with The Mighty Metahumans Podcast on Twitter or Instagram.

Remaining Episodes: 1 Episode


This is the end of Vol. 1 of Battle of the Binge. I do hope you found some new podcasts to add to your rotation and please come back next month! I will have newer podcasts to suggest for you. See you next time!

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