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Radical Joy Sponsored By Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

By: I.S. Jones

When I think about how rough 2016 was on Black and Brown bodies and how most of the art which came out of this year of strife often reinforced our rage and sorrow, I just wanted joy. Shameless, glorious joy. It could seem as though I am running from what’s in front of me—that I could walk out of my house and never come home. Because I looked suspicious. Because today a cop lost their temper.

But somedays I demand my joy and the new soul funk of Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics is a part of that quest for radical joy. Billboard charting group Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics released their new music video exclusively on AXS.

Written by Jason Collier and directed by Mike McPherson, “Tried on a Smile” premiered via CNNGo and is the first single to surface off their sophomore album “State of All Things”, which is slated for release soon. The upbeat groovy tune showcases a unique story of the band’s exciting and adventurous Atlanta lifestyle.

When asked about Atlanta, the front person had this to say: “We wanted to showcase our love for Atlanta in the song, as it’s one of the places that makes me smile.” – Ruby Velle. The hearty production team recorded at Diamond Street Studios by the band’s own Spencer Garn (Black Lips, Sara Rachele, The Coathangers).

Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics have made a name for themselves captivating audiences with their stirring live performances. It’s their all-around success and talent that has scored the band hit mentions from outlets such as The New York Daily News, MTV, Paste and more. The collective formed originally in Gainesville, Fla., in 2006 when the band’s core members Spencer Garn (keys), Scott Clayton (guitar) and Ruby Velle (vocals, lyricist/writer) began performing together. They soon left behind the Florida college town, and headed for Atlanta, where they found a vibrant and eclectic music scene that embraced them with open arms.

Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics remind us again about the uplifting power of music. Be sure to be on the lookout for their upcoming project.

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