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Model Profile: Adeos Yeboah

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: Tell us a little about yourself?

AY: I’m a calm, cool, quiet guy. I love style, modeling, and working out. That’s pretty much me.

CA: Why modeling? AY: I could never see myself as a model in the past. So once I started working out and got a great body it gave me the confidence to want to try it out. Now here I am a couple months later and I love it.


CA: Let’s go back further to why you even started working out? AY: I was fat and i didn’t like it, i wanted to change. I started to workout during the summer before my junior year in high school and it became an addiction. I returned to school looking different. I was getting noticed and stood out. My first year in college, i joined the African club and they were having a fashion show and i thought “hey what’s the worst that can happen? It might be fun. So I tried it and was super nervous. But that moment i stepped on stage and heard the screams and cheers i feel in love with it. Then i started doing other college fashion shows, bigger events and photoshoots and i never got tired of it all.

CA: Describe your favorite experience while doing modeling? AY: Almost everything *laughs*. One thing I love is the cheers from the crowd. It gets me so excited and I enjoy it a lot. I like meeting new cool people , making connections and with all the castings and fashions shows ive been attending its given me the opportunity to commute throwout the city like never before.


CA: How has modeling affected you in your life? AY: It has given me so much confidence than I’ve ever had before and it has also enhanced my style in a way.

CA: Name a situation when things were not going according to plan? AY: When there isn’t a big turnout in the audience, it ruins the atmosphere for me. I go out there and give it my all still. Do my best to be me which is being happy and energetic. I still try to stand out you know?


CA: How has social media helped in you booking gigs for your craft? AY: I find most of it on instagram, facebook, and model mayhem. I find all of my information from those sources or my friends find them and tell me about it. So its pretty helpful.

CA: Do you feel as an upstart you have to learn a lot more about social media to market yourself for more gigs? AY: It is something that I have to work on to get higher as I progress in my career. Definitely something I have to learn.


CA: What are your interests outside of modeling? AY: I am an artist, kind of. I have been drawing since I was 13 and it has a become a passion of mine. I even decided to get into animation in the future like Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Bleach as examples of the style that interests me. I love riding my bike and staying active. And working out, but im sure you knew that one.

CA: Describe what you do to get better in modeling? AY: The first time I was learning how to walk, I would catwalk outside which made me look weird. It did actually help me for the real thing. I pose in the mirror and keep the poses that look good while doing away with the bad poses. I am always practicing to get better at it.


CA: In five years, how is life going for you in your mind? AY: I am confident that I will be signed to a good agency and getting well paid gigs. I hope I can get taller by a bit. Right now I am 5’11” and I’m hoping to get to 6’2”. I should be finished with college to have more time to do modeling or animation as a career. I have to choose which path I want to take since I love doing both of them, but hopefully i will have time for both.

CA: Do you have any photographer you would love to work with? Model? AY: To be honest, I haven’t looked into photographers yet. For now, I enjoy working with Jimmy Sweet out in Brooklyn. He is a really cool dude.

I have to say Tyson Beckford for the model part because he is great. He is a famous guy and if I had the opportunity to work with him, I would be grateful.

CA: When you are finished modeling, how do you want your body of work to stand for? AY: I want people to say “Damn he had a great body throughout his whole career”. He was always on point. Active, energetic, kind, and a fun person overall.


CA: What is the best piece of advice who would be interested in doing modeling? AY: You should always try to practice and keep an eye out for casting calls/auditions/photo shoots. Take every opportunity you see because no matter what it is more experience for you. Also watch out for the scams out there. Always try to be positive and less nervous. Be confident and I feel modeling is just a great experience.

Follow Adeos on IG @fitness_rouge

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