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Artist Profile: Americanmouthhh

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

CA: How did you get into art? AM: I would say my sister and dad because they both know how to draw. But I just always loved it, always had a passion for it.


CA: Does your dad and your sister continue to draw? AM: My dad doesn’t but he pushes us to draw. He didn’t see art worth anything because back then it wasn’t a money maker. With us, he would tell us not to waste our talent. I liked drawing and it was fun. My sister is busy with other stuff but will paint when she has the time.

style challenge

CA: I feel some slight anime influences in your work. Did you watch Japanese anime by any chance? Or something else? AM: When I was younger I wanted to be a cartoonist. I went to Pratt (Saturday classes) and had a partial scholarship to attend courses. I saw the amount of work it took and decided it wasn’t for me.

CA: The way you draw eyes creates a subtle feeling of realness. I feel sometimes the characters will leap off the page. How did you learn this technique? AM: Youtube videos. I would watch youtube and see them use Photoshop to add the effects to the images. I don’t use photoshop at all but I do happen to use an app on my iPad to create the images. I like to exaggerate everything when it comes to my art. I exaggerate the eyes, I exaggerate the highlight points, and I exaggerate the makeup.

Fatou Barry

CA: In addition to the eyes, how you draw hair is rich and vibrant. Details seem to be crucial in your work. Explain how you go about doing this? AM: I love drawing every single strand. Hair is full of life. No one’s hair falls or grows the same way. Every strand has life. I like to show that. I want it to look as realistic as possible.


CA: Some of your images have the words “Not Yours” on the subject. What is your take on the usage of that phrase on the women you draw? AM: Women aren’t guy’s property. Women do not exist for men. Not Yours is to express the double standard that women have to deal with on what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies.

Not Yours

CA: Your usage of colors leans towards the brighter side of the color palette. What’s the rationale behind that? AM: I go with the vibe I have in my mind and it is usually colorful.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 5.31.29 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 5.31.13 PM

CA: How did it feel to have FKA Twigs wear your drawing on a shirt? AM: That was the highlight of 2015. It was the best thing that has happened to me. I still can’t believe her manager hit me up. They DM’ed me and gave me the run down. It is cool seeing people wear your art on their clothing. It’s absolutely surreal.


CA: What goals do you have for the year when it comes to your art? AM: I want to sell more of my art, make a website, and do more shows.


CA: How do you want your portfolio to be remembered when you are no longer doing art? AM: Just full of beautiful women. I want it all to look good. I want it to be like “Damn she did that. Damn she did that too. Damnnnnn!!”


To stay up to date with AmericanMouthhh, you can follow her on her Twitter and her IG

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