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Are You Flee? Vol. 5

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

FIFTH. One, two, three, four, five -> FIFTH! We are on Volume 5 of Are You Flee? I found a black own sneaker line and some other brands with inspirational phrases. It is time to have some positive energy during these tough times. Tap in!


fearwhatyoudontknow is a brand that has heavy support from New York City. Heavy. The jackets are fire and the hoodies have solid weight to it. You can catch some musicians rocking the hats or clothing in a music video. This brand is has for all ages and genders so this is lifestyle line through & through. Be sure to check out their store and follow them on Twitter & Instagram.


I am so excited to find a sneaker lined that is black owned. Sia Collective is a line that makes clothing and sneakers. The items that will catch your eyes are the sneakers. Whew. These kicks look good in all of these colorways. I cannot WAIT to cop some to support the cause. You should do the same. Trust me you will be the definition of flee after you add these to your closet. Follow Sia Collective on Instagram.


Mess in a bottle is a black woman owned business. This line is reassuring and peaceful with the positive phrases. Summer is right here so it is time to bolster your wardrobe. They also have pretty cool masks to help you look fly during the pandemic. Be sure to follow Mess In A Bottle on Instagram.


Black Owned 19xx is a brand that leans in to the black power motifs and imagery. We have a ton of Black Panther usage and during times like this, it is something powerful to see clothing tell such stories. When you wear these pieces, you are embodying the energy we end to let people know we love our skin. We love our culture. We love our style & grace. Be sure to keep posted on what Black Owned 19xx is doing on Twitter and Instagram.


I know right. I can't believe we could now support a sneaker brand. Be sure to check out Vol. 1,Vol. 2, Vol. 3 ,& Vol. 4 in case you missed it to update that wardrobe. See you next week!

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